Karnataka needs better regulation of private hospitals in order to protect patient rights

Private doctors are protesting price controls on medical procedures. Image credit: Pixabay [Licenced under CC BY 2.0] Jun 30, 2017 · 02:30 pm  Sylvia Karpagam   Doctors in private practices across Karnataka have been protesting stringent measures in the Karnataka Private Medical Establishments (Amendment) Bill, 2017, which seeks to bring more accountability to the expanding private... Continue Reading →


Regulation is a good thing – especially for private medical establishments

  Suddenly doctors have become the new victims. They feel that they are justified in shutting down shop and getting onto the streets for what they perceive to be a good cause – the cause being none other than the  Karnataka Private Medical Establishments (Amendment) Bill, 2017, currently being tabled in the Karnataka Assembly, which... Continue Reading →


Link State child helpline officials on a visit to a government school in a remote village in Kalaburagi district spotted a 9-year-old girl wearing a chain with beads generally worn by children who are dedicated to the Devadasi system prevalent in parts of North Karnataka. Swinging into action, the officials rescued the girl who is... Continue Reading →

Open letter to the Health minister, Karnataka state government

19 June 2017 Dear Sir, With regard to the Karnataka Private Medical Establishments (Amendment) Bill, 2017, tabled in the Karnataka Assembly in June 2017, we support the government’s decision of regulating private medical establishments, introducing a Charter of patients right’s, creating a grievance redressal committee and fixing a cap on rates. Karnataka has seen a... Continue Reading →

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore – Agrahara

Sometime back, I was in the most unfortunate situation of attending a seminar at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore and got to hear some of the faculty and students speak. The place is like a rabid den of shamelessly overt casteism and just being there for an hour was like being in some ghastly nightmare... Continue Reading →

Pricing of Cardiac Stents

Rema Nagarajan Vol. 52, Issue No. 23, 10 Jun, 2017 Download PDF Version Rema Nagarajan (reemanagarajan2016@gmail.com) is a senior journalist with the Times of India and writes on health issues. The pricing of cardiac stents in India has been mired in controversy and allegations of profiteering at the cost of vulnerable patients. This article looks at the... Continue Reading →

For over four months, health authorities have taken no action on Zika infection cases in India

Scroll.in Doctors in Ahmedabad learnt about three Zika cases from the city on May 26 from WHO, which was informed on May 15. The first case was detected on January 4. microbiologybytes/Flickr May 27, 2017 · 09:48 pm Priyanka Vora  Indian government, despite reporting three laboratory-confirmed cases of Zika virus infection to World Health Organization,... Continue Reading →

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