Choosing one’s enemy

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The fact is – the BJP have always been honest. They have never deviated from two core tenets – that they would create a Hindu rashtra and that the Muslim was the enemy. In 2002, with Modi as the Chief minister, a pogrom took place in Gujarat where Muslims were massacred in thousands – the nature of the massacre was brutal, planned and systematic. Women were raped in public, witnessed by their families, their children and their communities. It was a public shaming of an entire community.

Yet, we elected BJP to power as a nation. We have watched the idea of the Hindu rashtra being born and growing. The idea of a Hindu rashtra sometimes looks like the seductive desire arising from deep within our hearts. Owning that object, we feel, will make us come into our own, our very own identity that somehow erases our shame of being colonised and having lost more than wealth to the outsider. We believe that it is important for us to regain a sense of lost dignity.

Sometimes this idea looks like a ferocious monster baying and thirsting for blood. We convince ourselves that this ferocious monster can be tamed. Sometimes we convince ourselves that the monster has been created by our enemies and is actually an illusion. We collectively try to convince ourselves that the monster is only a figment of imagination.

The Muslim as the enemy has been central to the idea of the Hindu rashtra. All efforts at creating a Hindu Rashtra comes from making the Muslim the barrier to reaching that goal. For an ordinary citizen – a Hindu who has grown living beside a Muslim, there is a need to have a tangible reason to hate the Muslim. This is where the cow comes in.  The cow has been the magic card to creating hated. The cow makes it much, much easier to hate a Muslim. Dalits are caught in the crossfire between Hindu and Muslim only because of their association with the cow. Dalits being lynched are collateral damage because of the confounding factor of cow, otherwise dalits are necessary for this Hindu rashtra to function.

So the idea of Hindu rashtra cannot grow without the idea of the Muslim enemy. The question really is – how badly does one want this Hindu rashtra? If you want it badly enough, then don’t expect hatred of Muslim to somehow disappear as the two are intrinsically linked. If you want communal harmony, then you must question the cost at which the idea of Hindu rashtra is evolving.

If you chose communal harmony, then you cannot at any cost vote of BJP to power ever again in any state or for the country. If you want a Hindu rashtra, then choose BJP by all means, but don’t moan the massacre of Muslims in the country. We are of course already hurtling toward the idea of the Hindu rashtra. The only thing that can stop this is if BJP comes out of power. So here is the question – are we as a country going to reject EVERY goody that we think the BJP offers us for the single reason of their undeniable promotion of hatred against the Muslims? Can we say – its okay if India develops at a slower pace, but we will not do it at the cost of our Muslim fellow country men and women? It means letting go of a dream because we don’t like the monster that is evolving. Really this is the question we have to ask ourselves.

Vote for any party against the BJP  or watch the Muslim genocide. We can’t say we didn’t have a choice.


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