If I………

Image result for lynching cartoon india

Image courtesy: The North East today

If I said that

The cow was my mother

Would you

Consider me your sister?

Would you stop lynching my brothers?
And raping my sisters?

Would you stop burning my houses?

Would you let me study in peace?

Would you leave my land alone?

If I said that your leader

Was the best

Would you

Offer me a post at your office?

You deliberately put a leader

Who hurt me

A lot

And ask me to swear allegiance

It is your way of making sure

That I am guilty

Deserving of your punishment

You take the meat I eat

And challenge me

While offering me nothing else in return

And expect me to prove my loyalty

The choice you offer

Are not real choices

They are mean choices

They are cruel choices

Do you not lie in your bed and think

About how cruel you are

How cruel you have always been

Being cruel to me is normal for you

And you like things being normal

When things are not normal
You get angry

Is it normal for my children to starve?

Is it normal for my children to


Remove your shit?

Is it normal for me

To be your sexual slave?

Is it normal for you to rape my sisters?
Is it normal for you to lynch my brothers?

Is your normal good?

When you lie in your bed tonight

Think of your normal

Is your normal making you less of a human?

Its just a thought……………


You will wake up

And your normal will continue

But for that thought you had

My suffering is no more

Than a fleeting thought for you

That you quickly mask

With the shroud of normal.

When I die

You will shed no tears

You will feel nothing

That is your curse then

That you will never feel

The beauty of emotion

The beauty of humanness


You may say it’s a price worth paying

And you may be right

But for what you are

And what you could be

Or maybe you never could be


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