Complaint against Suvarna news

Date : 24 April 2017


The Legal Co-ordinator, Suvarna News
Asianet News Network Private Ltd

Dear Madam/Sir,

Sub : Complaint against anti-women, defamatory and hurtful program FIR telecast on your channel on 15th April , 2017

We are concerned citizens and organisations from the city of Bengaluru who are deeply disturbed by the manner in which your channel has portrayed a gross act of violence against Shobha. We are concerned about the impact that this telecast has on the safety of women across Karnataka and are compelled to file this complaint in public interest. We are also shocked in the manner in which a grieving family has been forced to undergo further hurt and humiliation and a Victim has been defamed, by the telecast of your baseless and salicious programme.

This complaint pertains to a programme titled FIR that was broadcast on your television news channel Suvarna News 24*7 on 15.04.2017 from 9.00pm. In this broadcast you have sensationalized the murder of a Ms. Shobha, misrepresented facts, invaded the privacy of their family, defamed her and caused her family and friends deep grief and anguish.

The following content (tickers and statements) of the programme is deeply objectionable, scandalous and reflects the low standard of reportage.

Love is one of the most special words in the world. Love knows no time and age. Instead of making love beautiful, people these days are making it a shameful activity. Did a woman die because she spread her saree pallu out for a man?

Keeping this in mind, there is one incident that has taken place in Deepanjali Nagar. Its 12 pm in Deepanjali Nagar and everybody are carrying on with their activities. No one had imagined something like this would happen. Everyone was shocked. Neighbour says She was just washing clothes and someone came and killed her.

Look at this site, do you think someone has played Holi and gone? Theres nothing wrong in thinking like that. But its not Holi, this is blood stained floor. In her youth, she had everything other than love. She was already an orphaned girl. She had a brother, but how much can he love her? Thats why her mind got diverted to someone who was showing her love. If it was just pure love, this situation would not have come up.

What is the reason for this mishap? She turned into a dead body because of love. She died in the hands of the person she loved. But why did this happen? What was the hatred?

Shobha falls in love with a man in the same area who is married and has 2 kids. Thats where things went wrong. Shobha loved this man but this love would never by accepted by the society because he was married. He was lusting after her and they were happily roaming around together. From last 2-3 years, it seemed like they were in love. It was common for Girish to visit Shobhas house. And it didnt take long for that to turn into a physical relationship. We dont know if her brother questioned her or not, but their play was always going on. DCP says From one and a half years they had a relation. But she was rejecting his proposals from the past 1 week 

Everybody said a lot of things but they didnt care about it. The previous day Girish had gone to Shobhas house and they had gotten physical. But they had gotten into a fight. He came the next morning and again asked if she would marry him but she said no and they fought. After the fight reached a point, he took out a knife and killed her. He had come prepared to kill her. Vijayamma tried to save her but he attacked her too and ran away. Everyone around supported Shobha and said that Girish should be punished. A neighbour is shown supporting Shobha. Commentator says How does she know that the fault lies equally with Shobha. She offered herself for pleasure but refused to marry him. She is at fault too.

In a year she should have gotten married and she also had a lot of dreams. She was living with him for a year and then rejected him. In the night they were only falling on the bed. But Shobha only limited her pleasures with him in the bed. 

Girish’s wife had TB and he also wanted a physical relation with somebody. he found it with Shobha who was also prepared for the same. And society knew about it but it didnt bother them. Shobha must have felt that since he’s a painter he wouldnt earn much, and so whats the point of marrying him. 

Shobha had her own house. For Girish it was convenient, but from the time Shobha started looking out for an alliance she didnt treat him properly and started ignoring him. 

Now he’s behind bars. What is going to happen to his children? Will they become orphans as the mother is suffering from TB.

This is just some snippets of the kind of tickers that were run and statements made during the telecast.

Please note here the specific areas of violations by your news broadcast as enumerated below:

You have engaged in a trial by media of the victim! Not a word of sympathy for the loss of a life. Not a word about the fact that despite having lost her parents at a tender age, and belonging to the Dalit community facing untouchability and discrimination throughout her life, she struggled hard to become a meritorious student who M.A. and B.Ed.

You have intentionally made various assertions and framed opinions on the supposed relationship between the victim, Shobha and Girish, the person who has murdered her.

You have intentionally maligned her character without any shred of proof and resorted to wild-flinging allegations and sensationalisation in this regard.

You have intruded on the private life and personal affair of the victim with an intention to malign her reputation and create resentment against her, Indeed this has led to her stigmatisation in larger society, and causing severe emotional and mental trauma to the family members as well.
Your intrusion of privacy of the victim does not serve any meaningful public interest, nor was it warranted in the public interest, which is understood as per NBA guidelines to be the only reason for breaching an individuals privacy while gathering news.

Your entire episode is without any source and just a concocted script without any attempt whatsoever to approach and report the ghastly murder of my sister in a fair and transparent manner. The very nature of the programme created by you makes it evident that its intention all along is to indulge in sensationalist, non-objective, partial, and value-judgmental journalism, in violation of all journalistic standards and ethics.

You have failed in the responsibility of self-regulation, and your reportage seeks to justify Shobhas ghastly murder by a man spurned by her. The contents, tone and tenor of this programme condones the violence committed by men on women, when their approaches are spurned by the women.

The entire programme is patriarchal, biased, prejudiced, opinionated and encourages the opinion that women are subservient to men and that women invite violence upon themselves by acts of their freedom and choices. This is discriminatory and violative of the principles of gender equality enshrined in the law of the land.

Your programme which glorifies stalking and the violence against women, encourages stalking and would result in further violence against women. This problem of stalking has increased to monumental proportions and it is a serious issue threatening the life and liberty of women today. In such a scenario your programme has put at risk the life and liberty of all women by glorifying the actions of the murderer.

Your programme implies that men have a right over any women who they desire, and the views of the women are irrelevant. That is to say that women do not have the right to say no. In this manner the programme justifies the murder of Shobha and heaps the blame on her while condoning his actions and seeking sympathy for him.

The content, tone and tenor of your programme is that once a woman enters into a relationship with a man, she has no choice to leave and if she does then she deserves the violence that would ensue. This reinforces patriarchal norms that women is owned and to be controlled by men which are antithetical to the notions of equality and liberty enshrined in our Consitution.

Over and above the points of violation and aggravation given above, your news coverage is false and untrue, and is a cowardly attack on a deceased person who cannot defend herself. This is nothing but character assassination.
Please note that the manner in which the progamme is presented in highly objectionable and hardly a news report. Instead it is pure conjecture and the tone, tenor and language is crass, prejudiced and disrespectful. One can only symathise with the grief of the family, not merely due to the murder of Shobha, but also by the broadcast of your slandering programme.

You have thereby also violated the following Fundamental Principles of the NBA Guidelines as given in Section-1 thereof:

Fundamental Principles 1, in as much as you have consciously and willfully spread untruths and canards about Shobha, while sensationalizing her ghastly murder. You have also engaged in salacious rumour-mongering without any semblance of decency and respect for either the Victim or her family members and friends. You have effectively engaged in character assassination of Shobha, and tainted her in the eyes of the public without any basis or reason whatsoever except for TRP ratings.

Fundamental Principle 2, in as much as you have failed to adhere to the degree of public service and journalistic integrity expected of a news media organisation. In fact you have created a public opinion against Shobha, by making a villain out of the victim.

Fundamental Principle 4, in as much as you have designed your news program to specifically promote your archaic and patriarchal views on women, their autonomy, etc. which is harmful to society.

Fundamental Principle 5, in as much as you have through your false portrayal about Shobha and the circumstances leading to her murder, not only failed to educate the public on this issue, you have actually spread lies, falsehoods, biases and prejudice amongst the public.

Fundamental Principle 6, in as much as you have willfully neglected and/or failed to obtain any opinion from any member of Shobhas family or anyone at all in reality before building this mountain of lies about her relationship with her murderer, thereby indulging in blatantly one sided journalism and rumour-mongering. There is not a semblance of fair presentation of news and in reality it was merely a sensationalised versions

Additionally you have violated all the principles of self-regulation in Section 2.

Principle 1 mandating Impartiality and objectivity in reporting accurately identifies accuracy as being at the heart of the news television business and that viewers of 24 hour news channels expect speed, but it is the responsibility of TV news channels to keep accuracy, and balance, as precedence over speed. The programme telecast by you is totally contrary to this principle in its intent, content, purpose, tone and tenor. There is no doubt that such programmes must be taken off the air.

It is violative of Principle 2 in as much as there is no neutrality whatsoever in the programme that was aired. Shobha, the victim, the unfortunate person who lost her life, was set on trial and convicted guilty by the trial by you in the telecast prgramme.

Principle 3 and 4 too have been given a total go-by in as much as you have sensationalized the stalking and murder of a woman without any sense of restraint. The entire programme was prejudicial, inflammatory, and crossed all boundaries of good taste and sensibility without any concern for the pain, fear or suffering of the family and friends. You have intruded on private lives and the personal affairs of Shobha and her family without any larger and identifiable public interest except to increase the TRPs of your programme.

You are also in gross violation of the Specific Guidelines Covering Reportage” dated February 10, 2009, and the Guidelines on Broadcast of Potentially Defamatory Content in regard to lack of any accuracy having failed to gather information from any source or more than one source and resorted to wild-flinging allegations and rumour-mongering. Without a doubt you have forced your opinion, analysis and comments on an analysis of the murder of Shobha without any sense of impartiality, neutrality, fairness and balanced reportage. You have created a false, misleading, defamatory and scandalous story about her and have, in fact, condoned her murder.

Your actions have the effect of prejudging and or pre-deciding the cause of the murder and is gross interference in the administration of justice and victim and her familys right to a fair trial.

You have failed to treat the dead with any respect and that is unacceptable.

You have caused incalculable harm to her family and friends by your grossly inaccurate and prejudiced reportage.

The entire programme is replete with derogatory, derisive or judgmental statements and tickers. There is no absolutely no identifiable public interest that justifies this kind of unethical and prejudiced programme. The sole purpose of providing a sensational story was to increase TRP ratings, which is reprehensive. The news report aired is therefore in clear violation of all the Principles of the NBA Guidelines.

This complaint is to call upon your channel to make amends for these violations and air an apology to each and every member of the victims family, and to her memory. Further you are required to air a news article apologizing for your prejudiced, unsubstantiated, malicious, and vicious content and comments.

You are also called upon to widely advertise your apologies in every news daily (newspaper) published in the city of Bengaluru in Kannada and English Language, on two separate days, so that the repairing of the damage that your news broadcast has caused is impactful and of a sustained nature.

Please take note that this complaint is being filed with you on the morning of 21.04.2017. As per the guidelines of NBA, you are requested to make the amends sought above, within 7 calendar days from today, i.e. on or before the 28.04.2017, failing which this matter will either be referred for further action under the News Broadcasting Standards (Disputes Redressal) Regulations and Guide to the Complaints Process, or any other civil or criminal proceeding that may be deemed appropriate may be taken against your news organisation at your sole risk and cost.

Yours Sincerely


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