Only contempt, not pity

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Image courtesy: Poster gully

The moment your little head popped out, you were received into a prison

The prison that holds

All the vital people in your life – your mama, papa, grandma,

Grandpa, uncle, aunt, brother, sister, nephew, niece, neighbour…..

Your future business partner, your academic co-author, your bank manager

And others……………..

As soon as you were born, the lock and key of your prison

Melted and became one with your prison wall.

That moment was celebrated with much joy in your prison

Because that sealed your fate forever

And that made everyone happy…………………..

Within that prison was your entire life –

the books you would read, the movies you would watch

the intellectual advice you would receive, the loves of your life,

your world view, your vision, your purpose, your career –

It grew and grew within the prison walls……………

Soon you began to think that the prison itself was your universe

Whatever you saw outside the prison would soon become a bad thing

Something to look down upon

The food outside seemed bad, the life outside seemed bad

You felt an immense amount of pride in your prison…………


When I see you, I see the walls within which you lie

For eternity

You and generations after you, and before you

Your delusions of grandeur

Your self-declared love

Your superciliousness

I see them all enclosed in the prison you were thrown into as a child

And I smirk at you, delusional fool, But I feel no pity yet

I never may

You are worthy of my contempt, but never of my pity

You love your prison wall so much, you languish in it

As though you are a heroine, and a hero

When you see the stars, you see them through your prison walls

Your sense of self aggrandisation is through your prison walls

Your arrogant posturing and obnoxiousness


Through your prison walls…………..

The sunshine on my face is never marred by the shadows of the prison rods

That streak your face

The raindrops on the face make me laugh and dance

With who I want and who I please

While you are forever damned with your own ilk

Boosting each other and pretending that you are the universe

Brood in self love, while I dance with the stars

Unencumbered by the prison walls that taunt you

Unencumbered by a mind, by a community, by a wall

I dance in all my glory.





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