Prevent nutritional anemia in Indian mothers and children ; oppose beef ban

Oppose beef ban in India


Sylvia Karpagam Bangalore, India

 I am a public health doctor in India. During medical college, we have been taught that the biggest cause of maternal death is nutritional anemia. Anemia leads to haemorrhage in women during and after delivery, leading to further anemia. This is a totally preventable cause of maternal death.

 In India, the deaths of women due to pregnancy related causes is as much as one plane crash every single day !!

We are also the highest in child malnutrition leading to permanent damage to our young generation. Again this is totally preventable with good nutrition.

The simple solutions are for people to have access to a variety of foods high in iron and other nutrients. With so many deaths in our country, a ban on beef is a death knell for our people who are already struggling with anemia and other nutrition deficiencies.

Beef and liver are cheap and rich sources of many nutrients. How can policy makers and a narrow caste group decide to ban beef without providing any kind of alternative that is as cheap and as easily available?

Please sign my petition for the government not to interfere with people’s eating habits and bringing in policies that are destroying the health of our people.

Let us make sure that we don’t damage the health of millions of children and women by forcing people to give up eating beef.

My petition is already being supported by committed and concerned nutritionists around the world.

With regards

Dr. Sylvia Karpagam

This petition will be delivered to:

  • BJP Government
  • Religious leaders



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