Effects of lynching by a mob

Lynching by a mob can cause serious injuries that are often fatal. Hitting someone with a blunt object causes hematomas (blood clots), internal bleeds, fractures, organ rupture, lacerations during the attack. Blunt injuries to the head can cause fracture, bleeding into the brain, causing unconsciousness, seizures and/or death. Blunt injuries to the chest can cause... Continue Reading →


Bengaluru woman hacked to death, police and media dub her a ‘temptress’ who deserved it

Media Ethics Media reports suggested “illicit affair” with her murderer as justification for her murder Theja Ram Friday, April 21, 2017 - 13:18   In yet another crime committed against a woman the blame is shifted on to the woman. A 29-year-old Bengaluru woman was hacked to death in broad daylight right outside her house... Continue Reading →

Critique of the model of Universal Health Coverage in Karnataka

Dr. Sylvia Karpagam First published on 04 August 2016 in Roundtable India - For an informed Ambedkar age (Critique of the model of Universal Health Coverage in Karnataka – response to an article, 'Bogeys on the Universal Health Coverage train', in the Hindu on July 28th 2016) K Srinath Reddy has been allowed prime space under... Continue Reading →

Complaint against Suvarna news

Date : 24 April 2017 To, The Legal Co-ordinator, Suvarna News Asianet News Network Private Ltd Dear Madam/Sir, Sub : Complaint against anti-women, defamatory and hurtful program FIR telecast on your channel on 15th April , 2017 We are concerned citizens and organisations from the city of Bengaluru who are deeply disturbed by the manner... Continue Reading →

Unimaginationally imaginable

Givya Shakuninandhan had all the requisite criteria to sit permanently on the decision making process of a well-known international organization in India. The first criteria that she meet easily and effortlessly was that she was casteist and the second criteria that she met to a tee, was that she was completely incompetent. Armed with these... Continue Reading →

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