I’m against casteism, but……..

If there is caste discrimination, these are the things that one will have to wade through.

“Did you see it happening with your own eyes?”
“You could be mistaken right?”

“I know one brahmin who was discriminated by a dalit. Come I will tell you the story”

“I also was discriminated so it is not caste”

“You shouldn’t have sent it by mail. You should have said it in person”

“You shouldn’t have said it in person. You should have documented it with an email.”
“Emails are too formal. You should have told someone first”
“Why did you speak to that person. You should have spoken to that other person”
“You should have waited till the meeting was over”
‘Why did you say it after the meeting, you should have mentioned it before”

“The victim doesn’t have a problem, why do you?”

“Did you take consent of the victim?”

“Did you take written consent of the victim?”

“Even though the victim gave his consent, how can you be sure?”

“ Maybe its just a class thing”

“Maybe its just a regional thing”

“its not always caste”

“But he also was in a bad relationship”

“He was seen fighting with a girl so maybe that’s why he killed himself”

“How can you be sure its caste discrimination?”

“If you had built more evidence, it would have been better”

“But your grades are generally bad, so how can you blame your teacher?”

“You changed your guide, so its your fault”

“You should strategise”

“You should have put it in a better way”

“You may be right, but the timing was wrong”

“”This is not the forum to discuss this”

“Lets take it offlline”

“Lets discuss something else”

“I would have supported you if you had done things differently”

“I also thought the same thing. Good you said it”

“But she also must have done something wrong”

‘You cant blame everything on caste”

A complaint about caste discrimination can never be perfect. Since it can never be perfect, it will never be taken seriously. Since it is never taken seriously, it is assumed that caste doesn’t exist. Since it is assumed that caste doesn’t exist, no one will do anything about it. Since no one does anything about it, it will continue unabated. Since it continues unabated, dalits will continue to die and commit suicide. Since dalits are dying and committing suicide, the status quo is maintained. Since status quo is maintained, the savarnas are happy – which is what is the original objective. That savarnas continue to be happy.



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