Complaint regarding government and Ujjwala shelter homes in Karnataka

The condition of women/girls/boys in shelter homes in Karnataka is DIRE and requires urgent intervention. Inspite of repeated complaints (See letter below) to the Karnataka State Women's Commission since March 2016, under Ms. Manasa, there has been absolutely no response. To, The Chairperson, Karnataka State Women’s Commission Bangalore                                                                                                   17/3/2016 Dear Ma’am, Sub.: Regarding violation of... Continue Reading →


I’m against casteism, but……..

If there is caste discrimination, these are the things that one will have to wade through. “Did you see it happening with your own eyes?” “You could be mistaken right?” “I know one brahmin who was discriminated by a dalit. Come I will tell you the story” “I also was discriminated so it is not... Continue Reading →

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