Savarna men and feminism

Its very interesting how savarna men are suddenly taking up the mantle against patriarchy, as mascots of savarna women (as though) they themselves are completely above any form of patriarchy – virulent, subtle, overt, coercive, manipulative etc. One dalit male friend of mine said that understanding and working against patriarchy requires access to information and a degree of privilege. What I think is that savarna men quickly come to know what is politically correct/incorrect in the current discourse on feminism and quickly adapt to say politically correct things. Does this mean that they themselves are not patriarchal – the answer is a big NO. Put an Indian savarna male in a situation that pricks his ego, and you will see him in his true avatar. See how he behaves with his mother, wife, girlfriend and daughter. See what he teaches his son. The art of deception is now being played out in the gendered discourse, but are savarna men any less patriarchal than the dalit men they lecture to or feel superior to? The answer is NO.


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