Karnataka’s decision to feed malnourished children spirulina supplements is highly questionable

Sunday, July 31st 2016 FOOD INSECURITY How can a child gain its required 4-6 kilograms weight with just two grams of a capsule, asks a nutrition expert. Yesterday · 02:30 pm  Updated Yesterday · 02:32 pm Veena Shatrugna Karnataka’s Women and Child Department launched a dietary supplement programme in April by which it would administer... Continue Reading →



By Workers rights Consortium. WRC Report re Gokaldas 06.22.15 http://workersrights.org/Freports/WRC%20Report%20re%20Gokaldas%2006.22.15.pdf I. Executive Summary The tragic death of the two-year-son of a woman garment worker while in the care of an employer-run nursery in a garment factory in Bangalore, India, has raised concerns regarding safety conditions in onsite childcare facilities in the country’s export apparel manufacturing... Continue Reading →

Surviving stigma: HIV care and the aftermath

WORLD AIDS DAY FEATURE Much has been said about India’s success in containing the spread of the AIDS epidemic. But can it build on the progress so far and ensure that survivors receive the dignity and social security they need? Pushpa Achanta’s conversations on the eve of World AIDS Day aren’t heartening. Write to the... Continue Reading →

Brief analysis of maternal mortality data in Karnataka 2015-16.

Maternal death analysis Karnataka Maternal death analysis 2015-16 (9-06-2016) (2) Dr.Sylvia Karpagam June 2016 Background: Karnataka State Health Systems Resource Centre (KSHSRC) has analysed maternal deaths from email data obtained from the districts. According to the report by KSHSRC, the total number of maternal deaths reported in Karnataka for the year 2015-16 was 635 with... Continue Reading →

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