A capsule or a wholesome meal for the malnourished?

AFSHAN YASMEEN A malnourished child being weighed at an anganwadi centre. While the government is set to administer Spirulina to severely malnourished children, activists say it has never been advocated for child feeding. File photo Move to give nutrition supplements to anganwadi children draws flak. Can two grams of a plant-based dietary supplement substitute a... Continue Reading →


Islam and Muslims must apologise for Orlando, but terror suddenly has no religion when it’s Aseemanand, Purohit, Anders Breivik

Published on Tuesday, June 14th, 2016 Rifat Jawaid Sunday witnessed yet another incident of mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando in Florida, where at least 50 people were left dead.  The episode reignited the never-ending debate on America’s tryst with its chronic gun culture and its sheer inability to make any tangible progress... Continue Reading →

2,258 unwarranted hysterectomies in 30 months in Kalaburagi city: report

T.V. SIVANANDAN Briefing:District convener of the Karnataka Janarogya ChaluvaliTina Xavier speaking after releasing the report on unwarranted hysterectomies, in Kalaburagi city on Wednesday.— Photo: Arul Kulkarni The expert committee appointed by the State government to probe the unwarranted hysterectomies performed in private hospitals in Kalaburagi city has come out with shocking revelations. The panel, headed... Continue Reading →

Film-maker releases a dozen clips of controversial Modi speeches made just after Gujarat riots

Image credit:  Wikimedia CommonsREMEMBERING HISTORY Film-maker releases a dozen clips of controversial Modi speeches made just after Gujarat riots Rakesh Sharma aims to show how Modi's image is being whitewashed. Monday, June 6th 2016  Scroll.in https://youtu.be/1IZ7kULoeOU On Sunday Rakesh Sharma, director of Final Solution, the acclaimed documentary on the Gujarat riots of 2002, released a dozen clips online... Continue Reading →

Merit of ‘Vision’ groups and ‘Knowledge’ commissions in Karnataka

   Published on 02 June 2016 http://roundtableindia.co.in Dr. Sylvia Karpagam and Sridhar Gowda In an unequal society, the fittest will always be on top and their survival is almost certainly guaranteed. How is fitness determined and survival ensured? At the level of schools, colleges and workplaces, are some groups invariably 'fitter' than others? If yes, can fitness... Continue Reading →

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