Shameless plagiarism by the

Gaurav Somwanshi

This isn’t the first time this is happening nor the most blatant, but about time to start calling this out. Mainstream acads and journos are on the prowl for ideas, stats, facts, opinions, analysis etc to plagiarise and exploit. Intellectual labour is very vulnerable to exploitation, as it has always been.

Roundtable India published the following article on 21st May, 2016. It was an English translation of Nagaraj Hettur’s facebook post in Kannada made on 12th May on his own wall. The translation was done by Sridhar Gowda for Roundtable India, and with permission from author was posted on the website.

“In search of a house to rent: Untouchability and humiliation I experienced today”. English translation on Roundtable India had over 1600 shares on facebook within a day.…

And the very next day on 22nd May , TheNewsminute, published it without credit to Roundtable India –…/i-still-havent-found-house-o…

Thenewsminute journalist informed the author that the article was noticed on Roundtable India and asked permission to post it on their portal. So some tiny (and bad) changes were made in the translation and it was posted without any mention of RoundtableIndia. These changes in tranlsation were NOT approved by Nagaraj Hettur, the original author, who also asked the Newsminute people to restore the changes in translation and give credit to Roundtable India. So far, there has been no response from Newsminute.

To quote Anu Ramdas, ”ideas are meant to freely percolate that is why RTI is open access. Any academic who has been taught middle school level essay writing would also have been taught to cite sources, if they don’t, it is creepy, shoddy, unprofessional, but essentially stuff that is their personal headache of looking in the mirror and feeling ok about it.”


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