Just there but never quite so and not quite yet

The Exotic Bird Society was agog and excited. They Whatsapped, pinged, Instagrammed, mailed, messaged, Wikipediad, called or just plain met each other to share the mind blowing news – news that would undoubtedly send any serious bird watcher into heavenly orgasms.

A new bird had been sighted. Since it was first sighted at the scenic BG hills (or Bilirigiganga Hills) with a particular penchant to roost in the Gubmalli area, it was assumed to be a rural type. However it was soon spotted at busy Jayanagar nestling itself in the basement of a wanted terrorist, commonly known as Sivarasan. The avid bird watchers felt that an apt name for this new discovery would be Emerging Voices (Latin: Emergentes sonus)

They felt that this bird was constantly in the process of emerging but never actually did so. It was a bird in process, so to speak…….

The bird was then alternately sighted at Girinagar and Antwerp Belgium. At Antwerp, a detailed PhD was done by a renowned scholar on this bird using a ‘multipolar framework as a heuristic to tackle the complexity’ of the Emerging bird. This led to a landmark article in an international journal.

The Exotic Bird Society felt that this bird was iconic and should be used as a mascot for all their events henceforth. The sweet cry of this bird “Nipuna, Nipuna’ brought tears to the eyes of all bird lovers.  The ardent lovers felt that this bird should not be allowed to go extinct and would require a suitable partner. A female Emerging voice bird was sighted in Arunachal Pradesh and brought to stay in an eco-friendly resort at BG hills, to provide the young birdlings a chance to co-exist with nature and inconspicuously blend in with the ecosystem.

This, the avid bird watchers hoped, would help these birdlings to finally emerge rather than remain constantly emerging. After several failed attempts, the bird lovers called for a hurried meeting at Tumkur. They declared that they would have to accept these birdlings as is and that their failure to successfully emerge should just be considered an unique trait rather than a fatal flaw.  They felt that these species could become globally relevant or/and local change makers. Their global cry would surely fill the coffers of the Exotic Bird Society and their ability to subtly merge with the local eco-system would ensure that further funds would flow for such varied possibilities such as the Tribal Resort Development Project (TRDP), the Eco-friendly Resort Development Project (ERDP), Emerging Voices For Globalisation (EVFG), the Tribal Amla Manufacturing and Marketing Unit (TAMMU), the Tribal Bird Society (TBS), the tribal “How to avoid extinction” short course, the Training of Tribal School Children by Savarna Elites Project (TTSCSEP), the Tribal Youth Wing (wing LOLOLOL), the tribal handbook on how to give your land up without complaining, the Tribal Know your Savarna Project (TKSP) etc.

Unanimously, the bird lovers agreed that the headquarters would be at Gubmalli. The Chairperson, none other than the renowned terrorist Sivarasan gave an inspiring speech that warmed the cockles of all the bird lovers and even of the Emerging voices birds themselves. “Gubmalli is mine and will be mine forever. All these projects are mine. We will use it for the betterment of the Emerging voices (and ourselves sic).”

However this happiness was short-lived. Sivarasan was unceremoniously asked to vacate the Gubmalli premises. All the dreams and aspirations of the bird lovers and Emerging voices birds lay shattered and in shambles. If one could hear well, one would have heard these hearts virtually crack into a million pieces. A kind of despair settled on the group. The tribals were happy and had a party to celebrate. They felt that the Emerging voices were nothing more than a nuisance, particularly their cry.

The Emerging voices soon became submerged and virtually disappeared and only remain as archives in the Conservative (read savarna) Nature Foundation (C(s)NF). Only somewhere in the distance, if the bird lovers listened carefully, they hear these exotic birds cry out sometimes………………………………….Nipunaaaaaaa, Nipunaaaaaaa


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