Basu goes to BostonThe use of the word ‘Reservation’ and ‘reserved’ candidate in government posts is a misnomer.

In fact it is a process of anti reservation and is a way of undoing years of automatic caste based reservation that has been happening in India  within Hinduism. The best, juicy and most profitable posts have been ‘reserved’ for years for certain caste groups. It is not just a reservation but a right and privilege that has been extended to these groups. The Dalits or untouchables or adi people have been subjected to years of forcibly being pushed into degrading and humiliating jobs from generation to generation. It has been a forcible religiously sanctioned reservation system. The Constitution only attempts to break this traditional reservation. So the reserved candidates are not the Dalits and adi people who are being allowed by law to access spaces that have traditionally been closed to them. The reserved candidates are the savarnas. If they oppose reservation, then they should be happy to move out of these privileged spaces that they occupy.

Will the government apologise and undo these years of reservation that they have been practicing? Will they apologise for forcibly preserving the manual scavenging and other sanitary work for Dalits and their children? Will they apologise and undo the predominance of brahmins employed in senior positions in academic institutions, courts, schools, and everywhere else where privilege and further growth are guaranteed? These posts are reserved by and for these caste groups. We all should oppose this form of reservation. We should oppose reserved posts in private institutions. There is no access to certain people who fall outside the privileged caste groups. It is reserved for some caste groups. We should oppose this and bring out an anti reservation policy in the government and private. We should also undo years of hereditary discrimination that has kept out some people from this reservation. We should also ask for some payback from people who have used their unfair location in the caste system to reserve the best and most lucrative jobs and positions for themselves.

Will business tycoons like Kiran Mazumdar Shaw and Mohandas Pai break this caste based reservations and actively recruit people who are forcibly made to stay out of these kind of jobs? Will they look at the caste profiles of their own organisations and realise that they have also ‘unknowingly’ fallen prey to caste based reservations? Where all their senior and well paid staff are from a certain caste and their menial workers and labourers are from another caste? Will they undo these traditional forms of reservation? Or will they just yap a lot at business meets at how innovative and wonderful they are?


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