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The young man stared at the girl. He let his eyes wander slowly and steadily over her body. His eyes rested pointedly at her breasts and then moved downwards. He had all night. He had ‘engaged’ her for the night -the entire night and the lovely thing was that he wasn’t even paying for it. His organisation paid for his nightly escapades and this was part of his job. He knew that his friends were envious of his job but he always maintained a strictly professional decorum (in the presence of his friends). He talked about his work like a passion, like he wasn’t a sleazy man lusting after a young thing, like he was concerned, like the fate of the victim tore his innards and tossed him about sleeplessly at night.
His organisation believed that care and justice for victims of sexual exploitation was vital to the well being of society. To ensure justice they had a team of lawyers and to ensure care they had a team of faith healers. To ensure even better that either of this, they ensured that they had a society that managed all their waste – all the garbage that they generated and not necessarily just the physical.
The money for this organisation rained from heaven so to speak. The donor was, boringly and predictably enough, a white American male, who had so much money that God had approached him in his dreams and insisted that he give some of it to an organisation that would make its presence felt across continents and oceans as the breaker of crimes and protector of victims. Lo and behold, the very next day, this donor found himself at a meeting where a passionate young man spoke about the multiple shackles of slavery that the victim of trafficking found himself or herself embroiled in.
This passionate young man traced the path of slavery through America, Antarctica, Europe and Africa but conveniently forgot about slavery in his own country. When asked about that, he often said that this would be covered in his penultimate presentation on slavery – a presentation that never would happen because he would never make a penultimate presentation, unless he was dying of course, in which case, he wouldn’t care about slavery in his or any other country anyway. The donor was initially sceptical but having received divine inputs into his decision making, decided to fund the organisation of this passionate young man.
This organisation believed that they were created for a larger purpose and repeatedly told themselves and each other this adage “We have many hands, but one mission”. They felt that they could break rules, violate laws, defy regulations………….they felt that the nature of their work gave them immunity. This was why the young man was sitting, in the first place, in a lodge having ‘engaged’ a girl. His immediate boss had been in the navy and never let anyone forget that. When he barked an order, he expected everyone to shiver. He expected this as a natural right. If someone didn’t shiver, he shouted even louder. His tales of his own bravery and valour were unsurpassed except by the bizarreness of his next story. When he spoke, people sighed, or so he thought. In reality, it was a sigh of deep distress from people who had to listen to his nonsense.
Was the money spent by the organisation and the money received by the organisation worthy of their output? Were all the flight tickets that were booked for all the board members and all the fancy hotels and resorts that they stayed in, worthy of the money spent? Were girls they ‘rescued” really rehabilitated? Really? Really? Was this organisation claiming to do more than any organisation was really capable of? Was the secrecy justified? Did the secrecy also extend to keeping their dark dreary stories under the carpet? Were they accountable? To whom? What about all the young men in their organisation who ‘engaged’ with multiple girls and women? Were these men in control? By whom? By themselves? Their organisation? Their god? What if one young man did lose control and in fact the young man in this story did? Would they hand him over to the police under POCSO? Really? And tarnish their own images? What about all the women and girls they had rescued who were languishing in state homes? What about women and girls who went right back to being trafficked all over again? What about staff who misbehaved with the women? Would the organisation also include this in their newsletters? Most certainly not – that would put off their white American donors and then the organisation wouldn’t have any recourse to anything except a whole lot of waste and garbage that they had generated and would need to be ‘MANAGED”………..And so life goes on………….the donors are happy, their staff are happy, everybody is happy……….



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