Care and justice

The young man stared at the girl. He let his eyes wander slowly and steadily over her body. His eyes rested pointedly at her breasts and then moved downwards. He had all night. He had ‘engaged’ her for the night -the entire night and the lovely thing was that he wasn’t even paying for it.... Continue Reading →


Deaths of people in Karuna trust run PHC – negligence, denial of care and fraud

  Doc signed death certificate indiscriminately: Report Nandini Chandrashekar, Bangalore, Oct 15, DH News Service: Deaths at Colony happened with generous help from medical staff The death of the inmates at the Beggars’ Colony happened with generous help from their supposed saviours - the medical staff. A Primary Health Centre (PHC) at Beggars Colony is... Continue Reading →

Capitalism’s Systemic Malaise – Anand Kumar

Health, Karnataka Capitalism’s Systemic Malaise September 21, 2010 CWI-India Leave a comment Beggars death in Bangalore- The death of over 28 inmates at the Beggar’s Rehabilitation Center (popularly known as Beggar’s Colony) in Bangalore and the subsequent drama that unfolded over the past two months has brought into focus the rotten state of affairs in... Continue Reading →

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