‘Stand together for an RSS-free India’

1‘Stand together for an RSS-free India’
By Sandip Kolhatkar

Ex-judges hold rally, urge for unity against ‘fascist’ govt

Criticising the present government for its oppressive attitude towards minority communities and Dalits, retired high court justice, B G Kolse-Patil who, along with Supreme Court retired justice P B Sawant, has formed the Desh Bachao Aghadi, called for an ‘RSS Mukt Bharat’ and came down heavily on the government for acting at the behest of the radical saffron outfit.

Under the umbrella of Desh Bachao Aghadi, various Muslim as well as Dalit organisations from across the state came together at Shaniwar Wada on Sunday.

Prior to the rally, the organisers got into a showdown with the local police as the latter had turned down their request to allow them to put up big LCD screens on the outside walls fencing Shaniwar Wada. Kolse-Patil, along with several supporters, camped inside Faraskhana police station for a while to seek permission.

Among the leaders present at the rally were Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) members Jitendra Awhad and Srimant Kokate, former IPS officer S M Mushrif, Muslim Mulnivasi Manch president Anjum Inamdar and others.

Kokate lashed out at the central government, terming the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh a terrorist outfit. He also criticised the central and state governments, calling its officers “fascists.”

“If we want to save humanity in this country, we have to bring Dalits, Mus-lims and Adivasis together. Only then can humanity survive,” he asserted.

Kokate also alleged that the RSS is freely spreading anarchy across the country and called Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah as murderers.

On a slightly more subdued but no less condemning note, P B Sawant said the values of democracy are being crushed in the country.

Speaking to Mirror after the rally, Kolse-Patil confirmed that the police had not given them permission to put up LCD screens outside the walls and even restricted supporters from the fringes from entering the city.

However, DCP Tushar Doshi retorted that the organisers had been given permission only to hold a rally, not for putting up LCD screens outside the premises.

When asked if the supporters had been restricted from entering the city, he said it was a false allegation.

“If the organisers were anticipating so many people, they should have booked a larger arena,” he said.


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