An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth………..for a uterus, what?

The doctor was strapped on the bed. His hands were tied to the head rest of the bed and his legs were splayed outwards. He could feel the cheap nylon wires burn into his skin. The women had tied his hands and feet more tightly than he would ever expect they were capable of. Now... Continue Reading →


Caste discrimination in UK

In the first successful claim for caste discrimination in UK, the victim is awarded £184,00 by Tribunal   The infamous case of Chandhok versus Tirkey became the first caste discrimination case to be successful in the United Kingdom, with the victim receiving a sum of £184,00 from the Employment Tribunal. The Tribunal case concerned a... Continue Reading →

In a Rajasthan Village, Dalit Children Are Afraid To Go To School

NDTV All India | Written by Harsha Kumari Singh | Updated: October 10, 2015 10:02 50 Dalit children from the senior secondary school from the village sat in protest outside the collector's office in Jodhpur with a memorandum. Jodhpur:  Dozens of Dalit children from a government school in Rajasthan's Berdo Ka Baas village say they... Continue Reading →


‘Law won’t protect sinners like you’: reporter covering beef protest held for seven hours

Police at Delhi's Parliament Street station refused to believe that the journalist's press card was genuine, denied him the right to make phone calls to his family or a lawyer. Mayank Jain  · Oct 05, 2015 · 08:55 am Photo Credit: Facebook On Sunday at noon, as I emerged from New Delhi’s Patel Chowk Metro... Continue Reading →


‘Stand together for an RSS-free India’

Pune Mirror | Oct 5, 2015, 02.30 AM IST 1 By Sandip Kolhatkar Ex-judges hold rally, urge for unity against 'fascist' govt Criticising the present government for its oppressive attitude towards minority communities and Dalits, retired high court justice, B G Kolse-Patil who, along with Supreme Court retired justice P B Sawant, has formed the... Continue Reading →


Ayodhya sadhus condemn Dadri lynching

Arshad Afzal Khan,TNN | Oct 4, 2015, 01.33 AM IST AYODHYA: Sadhus in Ayodhya have forcefully condemned the brutal lynching of 50-year-old Mohammad Akhlaq by a strong mob that gathered in Bisada village reportedly after a loudspeaker announcement in Bada Mandir on Monday that said that Akhlaq and his family were storing and eating beef... Continue Reading →


90-yr-old Dalit man burnt alive for trying to enter temple in India

Pakistan Today October 2, 2015 BY Web Desk A 90-year-old Dalit man died after he was brutally attacked with an axe and set on fire for trying to enter a temple at Hamirpur in India’s Uttar Pradesh province, police said on Friday. The victim, identified as Chimma, had gone to the Maidani Baba temple with... Continue Reading →


Dalit student thrashed by school teacher for touching mid-day meal in Jodhpur

By Nithya Nair on October 3, 2015 at 2:23 PM Oct 3, Jodhpur: A Dalit student was thrashed by a government school teacher on Saturday for touching mid-day meal plate school served in his school in Jodhpur in Rajasthan. This is yet another shocking incident of untouchability meted out to young students in school. The cruelty... Continue Reading →


New life for an ancient myth

Posted by By ink at 2 April , at 08 : 57 AM Home » Essay/Opinion » New life for an ancient myth     Narendra Modi’s electoral campaign was premised on a government for ‘daridra narayan’ but he seems to be busy creating a class of new Aryans. BY DOROTHY M FIGUEIRA On February... Continue Reading →


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