Love of another kind

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When the mother answered her phone, it was her second son. He minced no words. He needed money and he needed it fast. His mother’s maternal heart melted. “My poor son” she said and the catch in her voice was evident. He had gone away for his studies at the ripe age of 30, and was trying to find a job. He wasn’t able to eat his usual luxurious food or stay at a luxurious flat. Since he had never eaten simple food or lived simply, he was distraught that he couldn’t maintain his extravagant lifestyle. His mother was equally distraught. She remembered all those days when he had thrown tantrums over things that made him unhappy and had finally got his way. She fondly remembered how she had nurtured him and pampered him, meeting his every need, loving mother that she was.

Now her maternal heart bled. She tossed around at night wondering how her darling little child would deal with the harsh world, eating food that hadn’t been made by her and without her loving presence constantly meeting his every need.

But being an efficient and practical mother, she quickly dried her tears and dashed across to the bank. She withdrew money and transferred it to her younger son immediately. Along with the transfer, she sent a sweet and heart wrenching note “Son, take this money and spend it. Use it to eat or buy things for yourself. This is the time to live well. Your mother is there for you always. Dont have a care in the world. I am there to send you money any and every time you need it.’

The son went ahead and did exactly that.

Within a week the money was over.

Again he called his mother. “Mom, I need money.’

The mom went into action again. She wrote a poignant letter to her older son, who had just started working following an illness. “ Your brother needs you now more than ever’ she said ‘as an older brother, you have to meet all his needs. Who else is there for him? Send him money as and when he needs. This is your responsibility and his right. This is my request from your loving mother.”

The older brother was elated on seeing this letter. Finally he felt like a responsible son and brother. His mother and brother needed him and he was in a position to help them. He quickly went into action. He moved into a hostel and put on hold all the things he wanted to do with his life. He worked extra hours and even took a small loan. Everytime he sent his younger brother money, he felt a warmth in his heart so big, he didn’t need an overcoat even in winter.

This continued for several years. Last heard the younger son was still looking for a job, his older brother was still supporting him and the mother continued to ensure that a healthy and loving relationship existed between the brothers.


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