EWS flats at Ejipura are still elusive

 EWS flats at Ejipura are still elusive

While thousands were evicted for low-income housing project, developer has been sitting pretty ever since

Around 3,000 families were thrown out to give way for 1,512 flats for families belonging to economic weaker sections and a huge shopping mall in January 2013. The work was supposed to be completed in 24 months time, but despite 30 months elapsing, the project has not yet taken off. Simple reason: the contractor M/s Maverick Holdings and Investment Private Ltd has not yet submitted the required documents to the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) for starting the projects.
According to the BBMP, Maverick Holdings has not yet submitted the No Objection Certificates from agencies such as the fire department, BSNL and the Khata certificate of the said property.
Recently, chief minister Siddaramaiah had inspected the site at 80 feet road Koramanagala (opposite National Games Village) which falls under the Vannarpet ward. The developers had blamed BBMP for delaying the plan sanction despite “submitting all supportive documents” to the civic body. Uday Garudachar, managing director of Maverick Holdings, had assured the CM that he would complete the work in 18 months after plan approval.
After the CM’s direction, BBMP administrator T M Vijay Bhaskar reviewed the situation and found that the developer had not bothered to submit the required NOC for high-rise structures, which is mandatory for obtaining plan sanction. Bhaskar maintained that there was no provision for issuing plan sanction when the documentation works were not properly completed. “We have directed the developer to submit all the required documents for plan sanction and once everything is in place, other procedures will be completed without wasting time,” he said.
On Friday, Bhaskar, along with the BBMP special commissioner J Ravi Shankar and other town planning officials, inspected the construction site and reviewed the entire process. According to the documents accessed by Bangalore Mirror, the developers had been asked to submit NOC from fire and BSNL departments. The original owner of the land is BBMP and the developer is being asked to submit the Khata extract and certificate. Though it is a joint venture, it is mandatory to submit the khata details. “We have asked the developer to submit all the details,” said an official. Local Shanthinagar MLA NA Haris said that under the joint venture project, the tender was called in 2005. According to the tender conditions, the developer was asked to complete the work in two years, but despite 30 months elapsing, the work has not even take off.
On January 21, 2013, residents living in the quarters were stranded after BBMP took up a demolition drive of the properties and handed over 15.625 acres to Maverick Holdings. As per the agreement, Maverick has to make use of eight acres to build the EWS quarters and the remaining land for a shopping complex. The entire project was to be completed in 30 months’ time. The shopping complex was to consist of a hotel, media hub and flats for residents.
When contacted, Garudachar said, “There was a mistake from our side and we communicated incorrect information to BBMP officials. But after the CM’s intervention, the work has been expedited. Actually, we had submitted our drawings to the fire department and though the NOC has been given to the BBMP, it is they who are delaying the plan sanction. We have clarified that the delay is on the part of the fire department. Shortly, we will submit all NOCs and obtain plan sanction.”

Pledging mall

Interestingly, Garuda Mall was also constructed under a joint venture executed between BBMP and Maverick Holdings. BBMP also holds equal share in Garuda Mall. On June 9, 2015, Uday Garudachar, MD of Maverick Holdings, wrote to BBMP commissioner G Kumar Naik informing him that he wanted to pledge his share of the property against financial institutions to finance the current project. In his letter he writes: “We wish to avail financial assistance on securitization of rentals of our portion of the property at Garuda Mall for infusing our equity to develop the Ejipura project, which has been handed over to us.”


* Maverick Holdings was selected through the competitive bidding process and the first agreement between the developer and BBMP was executed on November 8, 2011.

* Further, the agreement was modified twice – on May 27, 2013, and then on December 2, 2014.
* According to it, the developer will be constructing 1,512 EWS flats.
* The developer submitted the construction plan on March 3, 2015 for which BBMP handed over endorsement asking him to submit development plan approved by Bangalore Development Authority, Khata certificate issued by BBMP and NOCs issued by the fire and BSNL departments.
* The Development Plan was submitted on June 17, 2015 and blueprints of floor plans were submitted on June 23, 2015


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