Karuna trust PHCs more inefficient that government PHCs

Karnataka Pilot TE Analysis

Wonder why studies like this get suppressed

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Dr.H.Sudarshan <drhsudarshan@gmail.com>
Date: 3 February 2010 19:43
Subject: Fw: DEA analysis prelim results
To: prashanth.n.s@gmail.com,

Dear Prashanth,
The analysis and outcomes are not worth persuing. It is not reflecting the true picture.
• The results indicated the existence of grave technical inefficiency in the sample of PHCs investigated in this study. Of the 20 PHCs used in the analysis, 45% were technically inefficient.
• Interestingly, Govt PHCs were slightly more efficient overall than Karuna Trust-run PHCs. However, this was mainly to the scale inefficiency of the KT PHCs (rather than inadequency of their management).
• By contrast, the inefficiency of Govt PHCs was related more to management inefficiency, implying that improving the efficiency of the underperforming Govt PHCs will require changes in operations or management.
• Returns to scale results indicated that it is possible to improve the efficiency of the majority of the inefficient PHCs by scaling up their activities.
• Analysis of longitudinal data indicated that technical efficiencies of both Govt and KT PHCs have improved from 2006 to 2008, although inefficiencies of scale remained

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