Indian Beef Workers Fight to Bring Back the Bull Market

Indian Beef WorkersFight to Bring Backthe Bull Market By MAX BEARAKJUNE 25, 2015  A grim video has been circulating among farmers across the sunbaked plains of Maharashtra, a vast Indian state, traveling from one cellphone to the next via WhatsApp. In the video, a man stands with his two trusty bulls at a cattle market.... Continue Reading →


Demolitions and eviction: Implications for social determinants of health of the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) – Ejipura Bangalore

Samyukta: A Journal of Women’s Studies (July 2014) Vol. XIV. No. 2, 74 SYLVIA KARPAGAM, SIDDHARTH, ISSAC ARUL SELVA Abstract: This paper draws from first-hand experiences of the authors who volunteered for relief during the forced eviction of the residents of Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) housing at Ejipura, Bangalore and analyses the effect of the... Continue Reading →

EWS flats at Ejipura are still elusive

EWS flats at Ejipura are still elusive  By Atul Chaturvedi, Bangalore Mirror Bureau | Jun 29, 2015, 04.00 AM IST   While thousands were evicted for low-income housing project, developer has been sitting pretty ever since Around 3,000 families were thrown out to give way for 1,512 flats for families belonging to economic weaker sections and... Continue Reading →

Hysterectomies in Hebbalagere village: Vulnerability, misconceptions and medical avarice

Hysterectomies in Hebbalagere village: Vulnerability, misconceptions and medical avarice Hebbalagere is a village of 500-odd households about an hour’s bus ride from Chitradurga, on the road to Shimoga. There were recent reports of a spate of hysterectomies largely among the Koracha (Schedule caste) community in the village. A discussion was held with about 15 women... Continue Reading →

Marriage turns nightmare for UP inter-caste couple

Marriage turns nightmare for UP inter-caste couple Sana Shakil, TNN | Jun 21, 2015, 02.16AM IST NEW DELHI: Jatin Kumar (23) and Priya (19) didn't pause to weigh the consequences before falling in love four years ago. Sikandra Rao, their hometown in west UP's Hathras district, is a hair-trigger place with sharp divisions of caste... Continue Reading →

Karuna trust PHCs more inefficient that government PHCs

Karnataka Pilot TE Analysis Wonder why studies like this get suppressed ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Dr.H.Sudarshan <> Date: 3 February 2010 19:43 Subject: Fw: DEA analysis prelim results To:, Dear Prashanth, The analysis and outcomes are not worth persuing. It is not reflecting the true picture. Sudarshan Conclusions: • The results indicated the... Continue Reading →

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