A brahmana in the wind

Oh learned brahmana
A wind blows
Ruffling your pancha kacham
It’s like a distant murmur
Of unrest
You sit as though
Deep in intellectual engrossment
As you mumble in a language
Profoundly unintelligible
To me
Coz you designed it so
Oh brahmana
That wind
It is growing
Do you not feel the chill
As it tugs
On your janeyu
Can you not feel the ashes on your forehead
Dislodging themselves
Your stakes on knowledge
Your rabid possession of knowledge
Your vehement denial of knowledge
To me
Your punishments
Your curses
Fly helter skelter
The wind
Oh brahmana
Is now a gale and a sandstorm
And now a typhoon
You bend with the winds
Your mistress is your greed
And she can bend you at will
Today you will grin at her and say she was right
Yesterday also
You grinned
And said she was right
But tomorrow
Your mistress will no longer be your greed
Your new mistress will be the one you subjugated
For generations
You will hope
That she is merciful
You will hope a lot oh brahmana
May your hope be realised
I hope too
For your sake


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