On Muslims apologising over the death of a cartoonist

Palestinians get massacred by Israelis and 95% of the world is silent or saying its a good thing
Gujarat muslims get bludgeoned and 95% of India is silent or muttering that it would teach them a lesson
Muslim youth get randomly picked up and imprisoned and tortured for the simple reason of being Muslim. And NO one apologises
Dalits get massacred and the murderers don’t apologise. Not one from the murderers community apologises
Caste creates the worst form of human slavery – has any Brahmin apologised?
Racism kills innocent young men and women and dehumanises thousand others. Do white folk apologise every day for the shame heaped by their communities?
But one cartoonist gets killed by one Muslim and all Muslims of the world must apologise?
Its not because the ones demanding an apology think that all Muslims are the same.
Its because the ones demanding an apology ARE the same – racist or casteist fundamentalists who want to smear every muslim with the tag of evil, who want to paint Islam as a bad religion, who promote intolerance and hate. If an Israeli or a Brahmin or a white supremacist had killed the cartoonist you would probably say he was a sad kid with a troubled childhood, but if a Muslim or dalit or black boy kills someone – then its because they come from a community you would love everyone to hate.



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