Incredible India – Athitho devo bhava

Incredible India – Athitho devo bhava

Crude translation


Don’t brush against white girls
Don’t spit when white people are around
Don’t steal from white people
Our athithos are deivo bhava
(Our white guests are like gods)
The only ‘athithos’ we want and welcome are white.

Nigerians, Srilankans, Bangladeshis – not welcome
We even treat our own North Eastern Indians as unwanted ‘foreigners’ who we can abuse at will.
And of course our local women can get molested.
Our dalit women can get raped and butchered
Our muslim men can get criminalized and killed
Our poorest children can be denied an entire generation of education
Our pourakarmikas can get inhuman wages
Our contract workers can face any kind of labour law violation
Our ‘servants’ can get treated as slaves.

Our corporates can loot us
Our very own bureaucrats and politicians can loot us
We can let the Western white mafia loot the country vis a vis McKinsey, World Bank, Schwab, International Monetary fund, Pricewaterhousecooper, OPEC, Deloitte, TCS, World Trade Organisation, BMGF, etc. etc. etc.
We can privatise our health and education and power so that most of our country die of not being able to afford them
We can push for multilateral partnerships to sell our land and assets and ‘open the market”
We can deny our tribal population of their lands and livelihood at the behest of our corporate and white “partners”.
Our guilty criminals who massacre in broad daylight can be let off scot free by our casteist and communal courts, inspite of multiple witnesses and irrefutable evidence.
We can stop local production of life saving drugs and offer patents to international ones.
We can allow companies like Union carbide of Dow Chemical Company, to go scot free for the last 30 years, for the homicides in the Bhopal gas tragedy
We can stuff our faces with Nestle products that violates safe baby norms.
We can promote coke studio performances in our public funded institutions like Indian Institute of Management and Indian Institute of Technology
We don’t mind if a seventh grade girl doesn’t know addition and subtraction.
All we care is that our white athithos are kept happy
Our white athithos are gods
That’s what makes our India truly truly truly truly truly
So which side are you on???


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