Savarna tips on child-rearing

The savarna man and savarna woman had been linked together through their cosmic karmas in marriage to bring forth into the world a beautiful savarna daughter.

The mother and daughter shared beautiful savarna space through skin to skin contact and savarna breast milk in the luxurious five star deluxe home birthing suite that cost the savarna dad a little over his monthly income. Although seen as slightly high end, the couple had discussed how this home birthing like environment would set the perfect foundation for their little girl. Their dream for their girl was that she would grow unfettered by the shackles and boundaries of earthly liabilities and would instead blossom into a free spirit that would chart its own destiny.

With the free choice that this little girl possessed, she freely and automatically chose to seek the very same savarna values that she had imbibed from her mother in utero and through breastfeeding.

Therefore she automatically refused to eat meat and opted instead for a healthy savarna spread of gluten free, probiotic, mushroom based culinary delights. The savarna friends of the couple were impressed at the freedom that this young and wonderful couple offered their child. They said again and again that this was a couple that could truly be emulated. ‘Freedom for a child’ they all agreed ‘ is something society should strive for and this couple is living breathing proof that it is indeed possible’

Armed with nothing more than breast milk and her skin, the savarna mother then nobly took it upon herself to educate the ignorant women who dotted the landscape. She secretly felt that once mothers and children had discovered, with their own and each other’s skins, the ability to control their own illnesses at will, one could even do away with the local health centre. She would teach underprivileged mothers about the importance of allowing the child to recover naturally without recourse to expensive medicines and treatment.

As she was thus ruminating, her daughter sneezed right into her face. With her sharply honed savarna maternal intuitiveness, she immediately perceived that her daughter had picked up a BFTS (Bug from the Slum)

Frantically she jumped into an auto and rushed to her favourite private five star hospital and admitted her daughter for five days, eagerly paying for all the western medication and investigations. When asked to visit the slum again she refused, joking about how her daughter’s experiments with truth included picking up random bugs. LOL. Laugh laugh.

She however didn’t retract from the noble causes that she had undertaken and singlehandedly continues in her struggle to save the oppressed children of the world from their own and their mother’s ignorance.

We bow our heads……………



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