Letter to Prashanth Nuggehalli, Co-ordinator of Karuna trust about the discrepancies within the organisation and fraudulent publications

Letter to Prashanth Nuggehalli, Co-ordinator of Karuna trust about the discrepancies within the organisation and fraudulent publications

Dear Prashanth,
It is interesting how majority caste groups now want to take ownership of words like minority and discrimination. To equate your perceived discrimination with that faced by traditionally marginalized communities is not even worth commenting upon.
As regards to your ‘objective’ article in the EPW about PPP, that I am sure you would not have failed to consider some of the points below.
1. The armtwisting of government officials by Karuna trust to get projects and programs bypassing the usual channels of tendering. This armtwisting was by no small means due to the fact that the director of Karuna trust was an ex Lokayukta member.
2. The fraudulent reporting within the organization to the district health officials and state about the maternal mortality rates, infant mortality rates, institutional deliveries and all other indicators.
3. The unaccounted funds received by the organization on behalf of the PHC which should have gone to the Arogya Raksha Samiti as part of the PPP agreement
4. The fact that the ‘external’ evaluation report by IHMR was rigged and totally biased and based on data supplied by Karuna trust itself.
5. Serious staff violations – physical and verbal abuse, delay of salaries for as long as 8 – 10 months, sudden transfers over a day based on which PHC was being visited by which donor
6. Suppression of any ‘evidence’ that went against this PPP model
Is there any reason why you failed to state your conflict of interest in the EPW article?. This issue was also raised in medico friends circle as poor ethical practice.
The reason these issues are important is because this model is being touted as a way forward for Karnataka and the country. NGOs like Karuna trust are going to crop up a dime a dozen to take over all our health facilities – blood banks, mobile clinics, PHCs, district hospitals, laboratories, medical colleges why even our policy making is now under the realm of PPP thanks to organizations like PHFI.
Maybe you discussed all this threadbare in your objective writeup and I, with my simplistic jaundiced eye missed all these important observations.


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