Letter to Medico Friends Circle (MFC) about how tax evasion Companies are taking over our healthcare systems

Letter to MFC about how tax evasion Companies are taking over our healthcare systems – predictably no response


Dear friends, the link talks about how accountancy firms actively support tax evasions for large corporates in many countries. In India, Pricewaterhouse Cooper had brought out a book titled “Emerging health care markets in India’

This views India as a potential global healthcare market in terms of clinical trials, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, rise of disease and deteriorating public infrastructure. Ironically it also sees the fact that more women are entering the workforce as another attractive reason for investing. Many of these women are struggling to keep their families and children afloat and they are already seen as ‘money owners’ which can then be seized by the market.

Deloitte and Touche are already sitting at our policy making boards along with large corporate hospitals such as Apollo and pro-private ‘public health’ bodies such as Public Health Foundation of India (which is largely supported by global pro-corporate funds), and corporate players such as Kiran Mazumdar Shaw and Dr. Devi Shetty (which is what my original article was about). As Dr. Devi Shetty says “People may not have food or water or toilets but atleast they will have tertiary healthcare” !!

Health Insurance is another big industry and it is primarily intended to push people towards the private sector. People are being offered health packages like a mobile phone pre-package. If they want any additional features, they will have to pay. How unethical is it to hold a person with a seriously ill parent or child or friend to ransom with these kinds of ‘choices’. The government calls it a choice but in reality it is pushed as a choice between life and death. People who have insurance provided by the government have horror stories of unnecessary and repetitive investigations, unnecessary surgeries just to remove organs such as the uterus and gall bladder and appendix and cherry picking (where the ‘nice’ and lucrative cases are treated at private hospitals and the ‘expensive’ ones are shafted off to the public services’)

Many of these committees that make policy are totally unconstitutional and only represent a vested interest but  are not at all a socioeconomic democracy. It is a bunch of yes men and women who are handpicked.


Thanks for the solidarity


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