Stuff that true heros are made of – Part 2 (and heroines)

Subramanya Sankara Sastry (SSS) was a hero (of sorts) for thousands of nameless and unknown cross thread wearing youth in his home country as well as several “foreign” countries. This noble man had valiantly faced a humiliating and undignified death for the single minded purpose of defending the sanctity and dignity of his beloved cross thread. The cross thread had been afflicted with a debilitating infection that had ultimately led to SSS’s untimely and painful death. His ashes had been released to the wind and water at a solemn occasion attended by many. Along with his ashes, the resistant cross thread (CT) Ind virus had also been disseminated, leading to an exponential rise of the debilitating disease among the cross thread wearers in the vicinity.

Research had provided irrefutable proof that the virus existed only among the cross thread wearing community and there had been several reported cases of a similar affliction from several parts of the country and abroad.
There was a degree of panic in the community of cross thread wearers. Although the simplest way of preventing the virus was to completely stop wearing the cross thread, there were several senior cross thread wearers who felt that the noble cause that SSS gave up his life for, should not have gone in waste. Therefore many cross thread wearers used the cross thread in public but secretly took it off in private.

Dr Jocelyn Durant was a dedicated black general practitioner living in Boston and who had first diagnosed SSS’s affliction in spite of the latter’s ungrateful resistance to being diagnosed and treated by a ‘black’ man. Dr. Jocelyn Durant and his colleague Dr. Abdul Khureishi had meticulously studied the virus and documented its behavior pattern. They did cohort studies and compared the cross thread wearing population with the non cross thread CT wearing population and came up with the irrevocable evidence that among the non cross thread wearers there was a protective antibody called AoC. At the prestigious Advanced Institute of Molecular and Genetic studies, this AoC antibody had been meticulously isolated. Dr. Jocelyn had also conducted a few qualitative studies with the non cross thread wearers and found that AoC had been freely available in a tablet form for several years. The person who had originally manufactured the antibody had been extraordinarily brilliant and talented but he had never believed in selling his knowledge for cheap profits and had therefore made the AoC widely available. Those who found the antibody easy to absorb took regular doses of it and found themselves fit and healthy and able to resist many infections, especially those that afflicted the cross thread wearers.

When media reports came out about Dr. Jocelyn’s findings, several cross thread wearing academicians jumped into the fray and frantically began to conduct trials on vegetables and trees to see if they could isolate the AoC in a form that would be suitable for consumption by cross thread wearers. A forerunner among them was a certain Dr. Anand Junkie who was a closet cross thread wearer and deeply concerned about providing an antibody against the cT Ind virus for his beloved community of cross thread wearers. He stayed day in and day out at the laboratory researching the best way to deliver the antibody without causing an adverse and fatal reaction.
Inspite of his able guidance, initial clinical trials with the AoC antibody showed serious adverse reactions among the cross thread wearing community with symptoms including sweating, tremors, palpitations, insomnia, diarrhea, constipation, etc. Physical examination revealed that on exposure to the AoC antibody, patients showed dilatation of pupils, further cardiac muscle degeneration, incoherent speech, excessive agitation, sweating, delusions of persecution, delusions of grandeur, megalomania, pressure of speech and accelerated heart rate.

Dr. Anand Junkie was not the type who gave up. One day, while adjusting his own cross thread and scratching the few itchy lesions on his own body, he suddenly hit upon a eureka moment. He remembered that in an earlier experiment he had used an adjuvant or medium to coat the impalatable antibody to make it more palatable and easier to digest. This medium was called the AR medium and was currently being manufactured by a leading pharmaceutical company whose MD modestly declared herself to be a goddess of small things. The tablet was extremely expensive and available to only a certain section of cross thread wearers.

Dr Anand Junkie therefore coated the AoC antibody with the attractively coloured AR medium and released the combination at a glittering ceremony attended by several important cross thread wearers and white people.
However when this AR coated antibody was administered to the CT Ind infected patients it was found that the medium was inert and passed out through the stools and all the cross thread wearers suffered an even more adverse reaction to the AoC antibody with an extremely high case fatality rate (CFR)

To ensure profits while avoiding the high CFR, Dr. Anand Junkie and the MD of the AR manufacturing company have cleverly started marketing only the AR medium without the antibody.Dr. Anand Junkie and the MD of the AR manufacturing company and are raking in the profits from their stupid cross thread wearing market.

The cross thread wearing community have convinced themselves that they have the AoC antibody in them whereas in reality the CT Ind virus multiplies unchecked and in much more virulent forms. This has led to an epidemic of virus related illness in the community.

The non cross thread wearers take regular doses of AoC at free or nominal cost and continue to remain healthy.

The AoC antibody remains the unchallenged counter-force against the CT Ind virus – strong as ever, powerful as ever.

The AR medium continues to be expelled through the stools.



  1. LOL! This is the best take on the “AR medium” episode yet. Some times humor and sarcasm are the best ways to criticize, after or along with all the serious criticism. Some people do not get genuine criticism and mocking them with witty sarcasm might actually get them to understand. AoC is revolutionary and enlightening on its own and needs no sugar coating. Thank you.

    Jai Bhim


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