Why Christians in India ought to be ashamed of themselves

  Christians in India are like the worst form of parasites. They are the meeting point of the worst in Indian and Western culture. To put it simply – Indian casteism and Western capitalism The Christians have very adeptly adopted the caste and class system into their lives. There are clear domains of segregation. Separate... Continue Reading →


For those innocents who claim that savarna men dont rape adi women (and children)

‘I didn’t know what they do to women. But now I do’ The four survivors of the 23 March gangrape recount their night of horror, while the State continues to be indifferent to Dalit atrocities in Haryana. Nupur Sonar reports On a scorching midsummer Sunday afternoon in the national capital, people usually seek some respite... Continue Reading →

‘Lower caste’ child pays heavy price for ‘desecrating’ food in Anganwadi centre

Odisha Sun Times Bureau Keonjhar, May 11: In a shocking, shameful and barbaric incident, a lady worker and a cook of an anganwadi centre in Odisha’s Keonjhar district allegedly threw piping hot liquid residue (peja) of cooked rice on a child, leaving him critically injured. The child was reportedly punished for ‘defiling’ the boiled eggs... Continue Reading →

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