Police randomly gunned down a savarna youth at his swanky Koramangala residence

Police randomly gunned down a savarna youth at his swanky Koramangala residence
Bangalore – In a shocking incident, the state police on Saturday gunned down a savarna youth in his swanky apartment in Koramangala when he was cutting up bananas to have with milk. The police sources said that anti tree slaughter force (ATSF) had received a tip off from a neighbouring tree lover about the nefarious activities in the 7 storey high end apartment.
Krishnaswamy Vishwanath, who was fatally injured hailed from the Coimbatore agraharam. He along with four other agrahara residents had felled a banana tree in a neighbours house to violently tear down the luscious fruit often hailed to have divine powers and used at many religious ceremonies. Three of the other felons have been arrested while one has fled the spot. Adding insult to injury, a mob of tree lovers also attacked Krishnaswamy Vishwanath’s family in the suite wing of Apollo hospital where his body had been placed.
The Superintendent of Police issued a statement that the ATSF had acted keeping larger community interests in mind. “Bananas are venerated by our forefathers and ancestors” he said “Western influence has made us lose our traditional values. Young people have to learn to respect the banana. If they are caught damaging banana trees, we will have to take strict action to maintain communal harmony. People from the West are looking towards India for spiritual direction whereas our savarna youth are losing their way in their search for easy pleasures. They are forsaking the traditions of many generations.”
Krishaswamy’s mother was inconsolable. “My son was raised on pure ghee in our agraharam and went on to be one of the several tambram graduates from IIT Chennai. What is wrong with eating bananas? Yes we respect plants but we also need to eat, right? Women in India are dying due to lack of proteins and these tree protectors want to value trees more than human lives?”
The ATSF leader maintained a tight lipped silence. At earlier interviews he has been clear about his position “People who support vegetable eaters are tree killers and environment destroyers. They have destroyed acres of forest trying to grow food for humans. We oppose all forms of eating vegetables. It is not good for the environment. Those people who protest are the ones who condone violence against trees. Not to mention that vegetables stink if stored for more than two days. This is not even hygienic’
The savarna community gathered in a small number outside the police commissioner’s office. However the crowd was quickly dispersed by tear gas.
Justice Shankar, who had been instrumental in pushing for a vegetable ban in the state put it succinctly “ People can eat grass. They can eat leaves. These regrow and do not leave a carbon footprint. One doesn’t have to chop trees to grow vegetables and fruit trees. Sometimes we have to take the law into our hands. People have to be taught to meet the wishes of the majority. This is why I support the Bharat Ped Party (BPP). We will support the dignity of our national trees and oppose any form of vegetarianism. This is what our party promises if we come to power. We will kill all savarna vegetarians. Either they should agree to get killed or move to a country where they can be as vegetarian as they like. We have the support of the tree lovers for our party. We will put it into our school curriculums as well. Long live Ped Bharat. Ped Bharat mahan !!”
Krishnaswamy Vishwanath’s family are in the meantime preparing to take a dip in the Ganga with his ashes. When offered a banana, his father vehemently refused. “This evil has taken away my son from me’ he said. The family has asked for privacy to mourn their loss.
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