private schools and their unethical ways

A good example of an unethical and greedy private school.  Sad !! What is one to do with all the old uniforms?

7th April 2014

 Dear Parents,

 From the feedback that parents gave us regarding a number of issues on the uniforms, we have decided to change the vendor in order to ensure better quality and services. We have made some changes in the uniform per say. Parents are requested to buy the Uniform from the Authorized dealer (M/s. Padmashri) only and do not resort to going to buy your uniforms from the old vendor as it will not be in conformity with the changes, which may lead to disciplinary problems.

Best Wishes,
Aloysius D’Mello | Principal

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Greenwood High – International School
“Rooted in Knowledge”
| IGCSE | IB                                              

Address: # No.8-14, Chikkawadayarapura, Near Heggondahalli, Gunjur Post, Bangalore-560087
Calling Lines:  T+918027822888 |F+918027822200|
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  1. I am a parent of the school and we joined a year ago. So our uniforms are just one year old. But we have been told by the school that all the old uniforms can be used and we haven’t faced any issue about that. Please check your facts before you make such statements


  2. Dear GWH parent, please read the Principal’s message posted verbatim on this blog. It is self explanatory but clearly you still dont seem to have understood. What can one say? Just that international education of oneself or one’s children is no guarantee for common sense. Sad……….


  3. Dear Dr. Sylvia,
    Did you try contacting the principal or school with your concerns after this email? If so, what was their response?

    I too got this email that you have quoted verbatim. I wrote back to the school explaining that some of my daughter’s last year uniform is still usable. The school responded that old uniforms may continue to be used.
    So, I only bought uniforms those sets from the new vendor that I needed to buy.

    And yes, indeed, the services of the old vendor were poor and the quality pathetic. I remember that the socks look like they were stitched together for pre-schoolers by pre-schoolers.

    This leads me to believe that the school had all good intentions and in your blog, you are arriving at premature conclusions about the school’s intent.


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