Laugh and the world laughs with you……and I am an alien from another world.

Laughter is the best medicine.


What about….

The laughter of my upper caste class mates

When I fumble on my English?

What about that of my rich colleagues?

The sniggers………

As I cross them

With my polyester sari?

That stands out

Against their desi and khadi wear?

What about the snigger my brahmin bedmate gives me?

Because he thinks he is smarter than me?

What about the patronizing smile

My brahmin boss gives me

When I share my ideas?

What about the smiles (and stares)

My neighbours give me

Coz my car isn’t as fancy as theirs?

What about the indulgent smile

The NGO rep gives me

For deigning to give him an idea.

Is it therapeutic?


For whom?



Why does this laughter make me feel small?

Why do the smiles make me want to hide?

Why does the suppressed indulgence anger me?

Is it because

I am stupid?

That I cannot see how therapeutic it is

For you

And you

And you

And you

You call me selfish

Maybe you are right.

I don’t care about your feelings

About your rights

To be happy

All I care about

Is myself

My poverty

My dying child

My empty kitchen

My hungry stomach

My aching eyes

My weary heart

My grief

My loss

My sadness

My nothingness

I care about it

So I must be wrong

As wrong


You are right

You are always right.





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