Updates on public health in an imaginary state in an imaginary country

Sivarasan’s stooge was in a tizzy. His hair stood on end as he jabbed a pen viciously at the table. His brahmin subtlety was thrown in a heap in the bin and the surface had been scratched, so to speak. His pretension of calm lay in ruins and instead he was this frothing rabid morph... Continue Reading →


Lessons from Laxmanpur Bathe massacre

Lessons from Laxmanpur Bathe massacre The Laxmanpur Bathe case has been discussed and dissected by dalits, activists, academicians and experts. In the meantime, for the intended audience of these discussions, dalit rapes, massacres and violations are as significant (or insignificant) as what the cat brought in that day. The Brahmin scholar aka academician, after hearing... Continue Reading →

Management mantras for the uninitiated

Gautham Krishnamurthy is a PhD graduate at one of the ‘premier’ management institutions of the country. He is at the brink of getting his first job. He calls himself an upper caste male.  {Gautham Krishnamurthy is unaware that the terminology ‘upper caste’ has been replaced by the new terminology-  Spiritually Backward Caste (SBC) on the... Continue Reading →

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