Perspectives on grossness

The BOYS were on a roll. They had identified several ways of grossing women out. It didn’t matter who the women were – their mom, their cousins, girls on the bus, the neighbor…………. To their mother’s great misfortune, the older boy had spotted some frothy stuff on the floor with what looked suspiciously like two thin worms in them. This was quite probably what the cat had puked out. This was absolutely adequate material for the boys to gush about the entire grossness of it all. “STOP IT BOYS” screamed their mom, wringing her hands in exaggerated self pity. She knew that her histrionics were the absolute boost to her sons’ grossness attempts. It was a kind of game they played.

In the street next to where the BOYS lived, at the dustbin sat a mother and daughter rummaging. The girl was no more than 12 years which was coincidentally the same age as the older BOY. Where the woman and girl sat, there was the overpowering smell of decomposing rot. The girl picked up a Dominos carton. There was some spit on it which she wiped off. This would be bought by the paper wallah. The girl never looked up. It never occurred to her what image she presented. A young girl rummaging with her mother in the garbage. It would be interesting to read her autobiography 40 years later. It would be interesting to read about whether she ever discovered self esteem. What was self esteem really?


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