A million dollar question (and answer)

The millionaire got out of the car feeling slightly disconcerted and out of his league. He couldn’t remember the last time he had got out of his car in a public place. He felt weirdly naked. There were small houses on the street, so small he found it a tad psychedelic. It was ages since... Continue Reading →


of daughters and in laws

The MAN lurched forward. His gait was unsteady. His limbs and his head didn’t co-ordinate the way they used to. His hands trembled. His daughter stood just behind him. He knew that she would try to support him if he lost his balance. He felt humiliated. She made food for him. She ironed his clothes.... Continue Reading →

Perspectives on grossness

The BOYS were on a roll. They had identified several ways of grossing women out. It didn’t matter who the women were – their mom, their cousins, girls on the bus, the neighbor…………. To their mother’s great misfortune, the older boy had spotted some frothy stuff on the floor with what looked suspiciously like two... Continue Reading →


Of love and matters of the purse

The gigolo smirked. He stood almost naked in front of the WOMAN. She was in his room. His bed occupied most of his room. His things were arranged neatly but there was a general disarray – as though the room had been put together for a purpose other than housing its inmate. “Ma’am, I will... Continue Reading →


The egg debate

What will the vegetarians do? Sajjan Raj Mehta Deccan Chronicle Egg is not the only protein food available to our children. There are a variety of fruits and veg etables readily available in the market which are also good for them. If our law makers and authorities are not aware or con authorities are not... Continue Reading →


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