Of the heart and other matters

Dr. Desi Sweaty has been nation trotting – harping about all his schemes for the country. This is a smoooooooth talker. He dons his surgical cap and mask for every interview and this gives him instant credibility (like instant noodles!!).

He talks about health cities – I MEAN Seriously ?? Health cities??? He talks about this stuff SO SERIOUSLY, that people fall hook, line and sinker for the bait. Imagine our poor, disconnected health bureaucrats sitting with their jaws fallen wide open in the presence of the great Dr. Desi Sweaty. Imagine him, with surgical cap and all, trying to sell the concept of health cities to our open jawed government officials.

The guy has an advantage. He throws around all his experience from the US about” the global healthcare and wellness industry that is worth trillions and trillions of dollars and about Detroit’s big three spending 1500 dollars per car on healthcare benefits which is more than the cost of steel used for the car !!!” -Never mind that his statements make no sense and are completely irrelevant to a discussion on healthcare- it’s just helps to make the gawking government officials feel like they are in the presence of a very, very, very, very, very clever doctor who has the magic/miracle cure for the health of the country.

According to the good, US returned doctor, Indian hospitals are tooooo small to benefit from economies of scale so BINGO – his solution is to have 5000 bedded health cities splattered across the country – Bangalore, Calcutta, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Bhuvaneshwar, Siliguri, NCR, Delhi, Hyderabad, Nagpur………Yipeee………HOW EXCITING. We could all drive down for a sight-seeing tour through our health cities, as contented post heart surgery patients walk around smiling happily, now that the holes in their hearts have been repaired.

So DS got the plans sorted – he’s got the ASHA worker trained (with government funds of course), he’s snitched the telemedicine project deal (Yawn, government funds again), he’s got the health insurance racket up and running (Government and farmers this time), and he has got the neat health city (with its attached flyovers) sorted.  He’s managed to get all the best cardiac surgeons to his own hospital, from our good old government hospitals like Jayadeva by promising them Detroit like cars and pay-scales. Now the good doctor will use all his telemedicine links with the ASHA and her hand held device to draw thousands of patients to his health city – economies of scale !! Perfect.

If all this gives him a bit of pocket money to set up a few health cities in Cayman Islands and other hot spots – then why now.

Corporate honchos DO NOT believe in consultation. They believe that they (and their other corporate mafia) can walk into any/all government bodies and demand whatever they want based on their own individual preferences. There is no concept of consultation with others or of representation of a larger good. This is as close as one can come to dictatorship in a democratic nation.

 As Dr DS rightfully says “People may not have food or water or toilets, but AT LEAST THEY WILL HAVE HEART SURGERIES’. I mean – this doctor needs to be worshipped every morning and night by each and every citizen of the country for the rest of our days (and nights) in this particular part of the universe. He is fighting day in and day out with dumb bureaucrats to get us this essential gift of life – heart surgery.

Truly Dr.Desi Sweaty re-defines that adage of being a man after one’s own heart.



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  1. The private sector’s starring role in India’s health care stems from the dynamics of supply and demand: Private providers’ domain encompasses services from x-rays and MRIs to treatment of childhood diarrhea and malaria to prescription drugs. In contrast, government spending on health care actually decreased over the past decade.


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