Ms. Muffet demands more curd and whey

Ms. Muffet demands more curd and whey.

Oohhh, Miss Muffet seems to be all in a tizzy. Now she and her BPAC (Bringing Privatisation Across the Country) buddies are asking for better governance. So cool – wonder when they will bring in better governance (and transparency and accountability and ethics and humanness and justice etc etc ) into their own corporate agenda. Never, I presume…

So, Miss Muffet wants the citizens to ‘play an active role to solve some of the city’s problems”. Yes sure we could do with some senior citizens, some disabled, some sexual minorities, some slum dwellers, some factory workers, some vegetable vendors – you know the decent hardworking folk that Bangalore doesn’t like to see (coz they are SO unaesthetic) on some of these committees with the government.

Yes Miss Muffet, we do need people to solve some of the city’s problems such as corporates grabbing all the prime property and the major share of power and the major share of water and the peanuts they pay their contracted workers and the roads they build to collect user fees from. Has anyone ever wondered who the beneficiaries of the user fees from the toll booths in front of Biocon are?? Hmm one doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to get to the right answer….

Ms. Muffet herself also would like to get the private sector to deliver all the health in the state and deregulate clinical trials. She is VERY UPSET that the government is trying to regulate her clinical trials of all the drugs she manufactures at her Bio’con’ factory. I mean, seriously, how is she supposed to make her millions if the government is constantly questioning her about why and who she is testing her drugs on. Being an esteemed citizen of the state she should have been given a free hand to test her concoctions on every gullible (read illiterate, marginalized) volunteer she can lay her chemical hands on.

She has also asked for professional tax from the city to be allocate to Bangalore. How very convenient. She gets her food from the villages, she gets labour from the villages, she even does her clinical trials on people from the villages, she dumps garbage in the villages, she gets user fees from the villages, she gets the donkey’s share of power and water that deprives thousands of farmers, but resources should be focused on Bangalore. Oh how the Bangaloreans would love this kind and sensitive woman……….. or would they??

And certainly Ms Muffet must be extremely upset that Mr. Ramalinga Reddy saying the government’s priority would be to address drinking water crisis, traffic congestion, garbage problem, and housing for the poor. Ms Muffet must have seen red at all these promises. You know what – Mr. Ramalinga Reddy – GOOD FOR YOU. HATS OFF TO YOU. If you really do deliver what you promise, you would be one good man and much worthy of all respect.

As a concerned citizen of Bangalore, I have a suggestion – request Ms Muffet to lend us her Biocon lands to dump the city’s garbage, ask her to stop collecting user fees from the toll booths, ask her not to talk about health insurance when she knows F*** all about it, ask her to stop pushing Devi Shetty as the new diva of healthcare for the country, ask her to bugger off from  trying to twist policy for her vested interest, ask her to share equally the water and electricity instead of hogging it will her bluster and selfish interests, and oh yes, ask her to stop trying to deregulate clinical trials. But mostly, ask her to shut up and get on with her chemical inventions and making more money with which she can make more money to make more chemicals. The fumes have probably gone to her head……….

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