Parents (or ma/baap) of public health

The Ramayans were driving everyone crazy (including themselves). They had been sitting on the fence for so long that everyone had gotten used to it. Everyone, except some stupid children from the slums, who began to indiscriminately throw stones at the Ramayans and demanding that if they were being used in the Ramayan’s Mahabaratha as... Continue Reading →

Ms. Muffet demands more curd and whey

Ms. Muffet demands more curd and whey. Oohhh, Miss Muffet seems to be all in a tizzy. Now she and her BPAC (Bringing Privatisation Across the Country) buddies are asking for better governance. So cool – wonder when they will bring in better governance (and transparency and accountability and ethics and humanness and justice etc... Continue Reading →

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