Woman extraordinaire

The adi woman is the most extraordinary and beautiful object in India. She gives India the beauty and graciousness and wisdom that no savarna male can give. A savarna male can NEVER be what an adi woman is – this is why he does EVERYTHING he can to suppress her. He does it in the most debased and inhuman ways – by physically beating her, by verbally abusing her, by sexually violating her and by removing every right to a dignified existence. He prevents her from having toilets, he prevents her from having a respectable livelihood, from having access to water, from having nutrition, from having health, from educating herself and her children and from speaking.

According to the savarna the adi woman should be affordable, available, adjustable, amenable and accessible (Quote from the book ‘Dalit women speak’). He beats her with rods, on her head, on her back, her groin, her breasts and on her face. He abuses her with the most filthy language that no decent man would use against ANYONE, leave alone a woman. He sexually violates her by raping,, stripping and parading her naked.

And YET this woman, she smiles. She holds the power of humanity in her hands. Why are adi women SO beautiful? Why does their skin glow so, why do they laugh, why do their eyes twinkle? Where does this spirit come from? It comes from inner strength. An adi woman knows more about equality and rights than a US born and educated brahmin would ever know. This is why the savarna man hates adi women. Because he knows that he can NEVER be as GOOD, as KIND, as FORGIVING, as BEAUTIFUL, as PATIENT as her. He sees his own worthlessness when he sees her. All he can do is go in gangs and try to break her spirit. He uses words to insult her but all he does is show his own true colors.

A real man would never treat a woman the way a savarna man treats an adi woman. This is the truth that they just cannot bear to live with. But that’s the problem with truth – it’s the TRUTH.

When the adi woman is empowered, when she sits in a position of power, when she is nurtured, when she and her sisterfolk – the other adi women become the majority in leading this country, surely this country will thrive. Surely this country will be governed with wisdom and kindness. When the brahmims are prevented from scheming and plotting about how to better themselves at the cost of everyone else in the country then surely India will be a force to reckon with. Till then we can live with the crap…….. and adi people are no longer available to clean up the crap the brahmins are giving to the country.


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  1. These are imaginary ideas coming out of a hallucinating mind,brahmin men in true terms dont have any opinion about dalit women.They ignore dalits,so the dalits can get desperate to get their attention but he is oblivious of all such hallucinations.


  2. dear Dr Sylvia,

    I do not know how much I want to agree with this but frankly speaking it is not the Brahmin alone who does not have any regard for Dalits…other Non Brahmins too have a low opinion of dalits and this is where it hurts me the most as a fellow human being and that nothing was done to stop this sort of thinking.
    Being a Hindu myself I sometimes question how come so many learned people giving discourses about Advaita..Ekam Advaitam Brahman etc but no one ever thought of rectifying the mindset of Indian society?

    What ever happened to learned people? Didnt people have a heart to watch a fellow human suffer?
    The caste system is totally inhumane and promotes fatalism.
    I feel the best for anyone be it Brahmin or Dalit or anything else in between is to try getting back at each other.

    It is better to move on and just improve ourselves with whatever chance we get and not to harbour ill feelings cos ill feeling for any caste or community only breeds hatred and when the mind is hatred filled the vision get cloudy and when vision gets cloudy..downfall is next to follow.

    I wish everyone well and may everyone prosper in each aspect of life and serve society as best at they can.

    But I have to admit that Dalits are a very patient lot..they are endowed with forebearance and do not harbour hatred and are simple and forgiving people.
    As an Indian even though I am not a Dalit by birth but by interaction with people of all walks of life I have found Dalits have a simple heart..all they want is love and will reciprocate love 10 folds.

    So since Dalits are already endowed with such good qualities..it wont take it long for them to improve themselves and make other emulate them.


  3. Attention..TYPO

    I feel the best for anyone be it Brahmin or Dalit or anything else in between is to try getting back at each other.

    It should read as :

    I feel the best for anyone be it Brahmin or Dalit or anything else in between is to STOP try getting back at each other.


  4. Hi Dr. Karpagam,

    I came back here because I saw your post in RTI- what a surprise!

    I don’t know why you made this change to this post, whether someone said something or you yourself had a change of mind, but thank you. I didn’t like the fact that someone who has never met me psychoanalyzed me and told me that I only wanted to please white women. It hurt a lot. Thank you for this change. And I hope you continue your criticisms of Brahmin prejudice.

    In other words, I took your advice. I went to the temple last month for the first time in years. Why? To ask why non-Brahmins and females were not employed as priests! I also noticed that the priests at alone and said that this had to change. I plan on writing to the state senate to tell him to look at this as a civil rights issue. I doubt anything will happen in all honesty. But I’ll keep trying.


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