The spider and Ms. Muffet spin a chemical tale through telemedicine

Sooooooooooo, suddenly Ms. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw (or Miss Muffet), is leveraging herself into the super hot spot for “n’ number of things – clinical trials, politics, television shows, and of course the good old charity and freeby show that’s a front for more nefarious activities !! Never a dull moment with Miss Muffet!!. From being a brewmaster of alcohol, to a brewmaster of drugs, to brewing all kinds of fantastic notions about healthcare in the country, Ms Muffet has come a long way.

One needn’t get fooled by her ‘DUH !!!’ look when the discussion goes beyond her limited understanding. Her simplistic objective is that she gets richer along with some of her other “chaddy dosts” and buddies aka Devi Shetty, Vani Ganapathi, Mohandas Pai,  etc etc.

Now Devi Shetty is another cup of tea. One wonders why all his interviews have to be delivered with his surgical head-dress and mask. Does the esteemed surgeon not know that he can’t reuse this attire if he is coming out to have an interview so why not just take it off? And if he is just going into an OT after the interview with the same ensemble – well he is going to be carrying a whole bunch of bugs from Miss Muffet onto the poor comatose patient. Or maybe it’s all just a drama enacted to present the ever busy ever loving cardiac doctor as a 24/7 surgeon? A gimmick?? A stage setting??

That brings us to a kind of crucial question……….. Who the **** really is Ms Muffet to be giving so much wisdom about healthcare in the country? Being the richest woman in the country with an exciting rags to riches story doesn’t qualify (or does it?). Maybe it’s because she’s raked in so much profits selling drugs from her Bio’CON’ laboratory, with more profits making her more eligible to give more ‘gyan’? The woman didn’t know what RSBY stood for but she was mouthing empty praises about it. In her Bloomingberg interview she says RSBY is Rashtriya sa sa sa sa sa………. And then a blank look “DUH!!!!”

So she gets our beloved Srinath Reddy onto her interview. If he had any iota of sense, he’d know that he was HAD. She led him by the nose and got him to say stuff which in fact the poor guy may not have intended to say at all.

So well she got him to say that there is a need for 2 million hospital beds which needed an investment of 82 billion dollars. She even got him to say that our GDP has to increase to 5%. Now guess who is eagerly waiting in the pipelines to use of all this GDP? The likes of Devi Shetty of course. Public money is being hawkishly eyed by all the nefarious, unregulated private hospitals and pharma companies in the country. To acquire this money, they are more than happy to mouth public health platitudes and give a charitable front to their business ventures.

She also got the esteemed Srinath Reddy to say, in his monotonous drone, that vaccinations and sanitation should be left to the government and tertiary care to be left to the private sector. How VERY CONVENIENT!! Is it just a coincidence that tertiary care is also completely unregulated and fleecing sick (and unsick) patients off their life blood (literally)?. These corporate vultures are hovering around and happy to drain every last bit of money if it means they can get richer and open up more hospitals to fleece more patients. Private hospitals mean big bucks and none understands that better than our local mafia led by the able Ms Muffet and her shisyas.

Then she went on and on about health insurance. The role of the ASHA has also been clearly identified by these bunch of corporate crooks as the agent to sell health insurance to the community. She can get paid a pittance or not at all. They might even suggest that she be paid on an incentive basis – for every person the ASHA recruits into the health insurance scheme, she will get a free health check (and maybe a cardiac surgery) at a discount at NH. They also want ASHA and ANMs to be able to operate hand held devices. So, the ASHA would be given a hand held purchased by the government from one of Ms. Muffet’s agents. They would then be linked through telemedicine to Devi Shetty’s hospital or some other similar health city which would again be funded by the government. People would be told through this stupid telemedicine gadget that they would have to visit a private hospital if they /their loved ones wanted to survive. What a brilliant marketing gimmick.

Although their new front BPAC (Bringing privatization Across the Country) claims to provide an ‘Agenda for Bangalore’ (AfB), it in fact provides an agenda for themselves and designed to enhance the quality of life of the business and corporates in Bangalore. While they demand all kinds of things from the government, they themselves need to have no accountability on any front. While the ASHA and ANM help Devi Shetty with his telemedicine, insurance and hand held device agenda, our sweet Miss Muffet will use these poor women to identify people from the community for her clinical trials and also to dole out drugs at cost price. Dear Ms Muffet, how come you are absolutely quiet about the need for free essential generic drugs at all government centres?  Did you know that would be the best way that people could get back into public health services? What would that do to your beloved Bio”con”?

You also suggest through your BPAC that “technical” members should be appointed in the Boards of civic agencies that bring in the “expertise of the private citizens” into the regular functioning of the service providers. Aha !! now where EXACTLY is THAT coming from?? Why would all the rich and powerful of Bangalore want to sit on government committees and dirty their backsides on the dirty government chairs ?? Coz they stand to gain that’s why.

And if the average middle class starry eyed Bangalorean cannot see that then more the tragedy. The middle class Bangalorean wants all the benefits accruing to Ms Muffet, to trickle down to them. If the trickle stops with them, that’s fine by them because Bangaloreans care two hoots about the other Bangaloreans who are lowest on the rungs. If the dalits and the poor and the daily wage labourers get wiped off the face of Bangalore, that is perfectly fine.

According to the BPAC, civic agencies should disclose all their expenditures, perform audits and make public all their tenders. However, the corporates can amass wealth in crores and millions and also engage in back seat driving. This however is ‘private’ and need not be disclosed.

According to Ms Muffet, Bio”con” has set its sight on achieving $700 million revenue in 2015 and has also set a $1-billion revenue target for 2018. The market share will come in the form of biologicals, biosimilars and branded formulations catering to the emerging markets.

One big worry for Ms Muffet, personally, is the government’s views about IP (intellectual property) and it’s views on clinical trials. She is also very worried about drug regulation in the country. The short-term view that the country is taking is a very big concern for our Ms. Muffet. Well, won’t Ms Muffet be happy if the government takes away even the little bit of regulation they do have on drugs and clinical trials? Won’t it give the likes of Ms Muffet a hay day in the industry? Well the LEAST she could do is to be honest about her personal aspirations rather than all this elaborate ‘strategy’ to get our dumb Bangaloreans onto her side………But expecting honesty may actually be expecting a bit too much…..

Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet

Eating her curd and whey

There came a spider

That sat down beside her

And little Miss Muffet said “Hey, hey”

Mr. spider wont you come into my garden to stay

See I’ve got a problem

The bugs are starting to eat everything in my vegetable garden

So come out back to my plot

Coz u could help a lot

So find a cozy place and start to spin

It’s the perfect relationship coz we both win

You eat the bugs and I’ll eat the peas

So stay as long as you please”

Here little Miss Muffet is none other than ………….well, Ms Muffet……

Who sat in her lab eating away at all the precious resources in the country.

The spider is none other than Dr. cardiac surgery

Who she invites into her chemical garden.

She says that the poor people in her country are eating away all her potential profits

So the surgeon could help a lot

By spinning some tales about health insurance and farmers schemes.

It’s the perfect relationship coz they both win

He rakes in the moolah with his telemedicine and heart surgeries

She rakes in the moolah with her drugs and clinical trials

So he can stay as long as he pleases

While she forms her BPAC and conducts her Bloomingberg TV show.

How nice – WIN WIN all around

 Party time folks

Always on the look out for the right opportunity, our Ms Muffet

Ms. Muffet and the spider (spinning its web)

Ms. Muffet laid a trap,,,,,,,,, and guess who fell in?

And how it all started………



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