Why men in India rape

Some of the reasons given for why men rape…….Many of the reasons are also interchangeable…..!!!

2 year old – Cant complain

5 year old – Too innocent

6 year old –  Can be raped by a single man

7 year old – Easy to bribe

8 year old – Too trusting

9 year old – Easy to threaten

10 year old – Venture out on their own

11 year old – Available in hostels/orphan

12 year old – Physically challenged

13 year old – To establish control

14 year old – Too much attitude

15 year old – Dresses provocatively

16 year old – Sexual parts of the body are visible

17 year old – Easy to seduce

18 year old – Mentally challenged

19 year old – Going out with other men

20 year old – Dalit who was acting smart

21 year old – Just like that

22 year old – To punish her parents

23 year old – Because of AFSPA

24 year old – Because she rejected an overture

25 year old – Because she was available

26 year old – Because she is married to me

27 year old – Sexy

28 year old – She was adivasi

29 – She was protesting for her rights

30 year old – she was walking alone on the road

31 year old – she works for me

32 year old – she was traveling alone

33 year old – She wanted her share of property

34 year old – She was educating other women

35 year old – She gets financial support from me

36 year old – She was alone in the car with us

37 year old – She was drunk

38 year old – She doesn’t have anyone else

39 year old – to punish her community

40 years old – She is a loose woman

41 year old – she was in a bar

45 years old – She asked for it

46 year old – She threatened to leave me

50 year old – She is single

55 years old – She was a Maoist (we also murdered her)

60 year old –She trusted me

65 years old – It was just prior to murdering her

70 year old – She resisted

75 year old – She was kind to me

80 year and above – She lived alone

  As you can see, the men are not responsible for ANY of the reasons……….the victim is ALWAYS to blame…….


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