Some video clips of the EWS demolitions


Ejipura stragglers falling ill

Ejipura stragglers falling ill Chitra V. Ramani ALL THAT IS PRECIOUS:Those who have remained are exposed to the dust, cold, hunger and stress.— PHOTO: BHAGYA PRAKASH K. The earthmovers are busy levelling the land at the Ejipura shantytown, which was home to thousands until recently. Over the past week, they have been systematically evicted from... Continue Reading →

Bangalore’s middle class show serious visual, auditory, oral, cardiac and neurologic deficiencies.

The middle class in Bangalore (as probably in the rest of India and the world) are wrapped in a self serving delusional bubble. Into this bubble, they allow occasional snippets of information which entirely suits their closed middle class apathy.  The information inflow is tightly controlled to advance their own interests. In the event that... Continue Reading →

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