On the wisdom of choosing one’s friends………

The Elito Front Circle (eLfC) was the think tank for public health in the country comprising some academicians, researchers and doctors. Many of them had completed or were pursuing higher qualifications to become  ‘I’ specialists. Naturally these people focused on their own specialization so the talk invariably went on to ‘I” did this, “I’ said that –

I, I, I…………………

The heroes and heroines of our story  like Sivarasan, Sevasadan, Shrimaanth Deadly, Desi Sweaty, Greedier Be, the Ramayans, Get a Sen(se) etc. were also keen members of the eLfC. This put the think tank into a moral dilemma (which in reality wasn’t a dilemma because it wasn’t moral and wasn’t moral because it wasn’t a dilemma ( to them)) about what they were supposed to do when the heroes and heroines did outrageous things that messed up with the entire public health eco-system.

The think tank either had friends who were heroes, or had friends whose friends were heroes or had friends whose friend’s friend was a hero. There were even cases of one’s friend being a hero and the friend of another friend being a heroine. All in all, it was a pretty complex situation. Fortunately for the eLfC, being think tanks, they didn’t have to think too much about this issue. Whenever a question was raised about the heroes and heroines, the think tank responded enthusiastically by ignoring the question and rushed to bring into the discussion fray a much more important issue such as a research paper or a quote from a long forgotten ex-patriot of the country.

So when Sivarasan destroyed Primary health centres, they pretended to analyse Simon de Beauvoir, when Shrimaanth Deadly promoted Sivarasan, they talked about a gas tragedy, when Sevasadan pushed for health insurance with his two piece research, they quoted Mirza Ghalib, when Desi Sweaty met Mr. Main Taxing about putting in tertiary hospitals everywhere, they planned their next annual meeting, when Get A Sen(se) wrote volumes about issues she had no clue about, they praised her for her writing skills and when the Ramayans did a double speak, they congratulated someone for her PhD thesis.

They had mutually come to an unvoiced consensus that they would not ‘name and shame’ each other. Their logic was that they were academic and clever people and could not respond to non-research questions. There was also a deep-rooted fear that they themselves could possibly be heroes and heroines one day and uncomfortable questions could end up stealing their own respective thunders.

Being a think tank, the eLfC belonged mainly to the community of the ‘traditional temple priests’. Over centuries, this community had acquired so much knowledge and wisdom (while killing, burning and parading naked anyone from the other communities who sought knowledge) that they simply didn’t know what to do with all their collective wisdom. Therefore they created little think tanks (like the eLfC), planning commissions, steering committees,etc. to direct the country.

The eLfC talked about all the social issues the country had faced, was facing and would ever face in the next century. They shared research papers and expressed deep concern, they conducted political analysis, they even wrote collective letters to the media and journals about issues close to their hearts. They did this with a finely tuned sense of balance which NEVER upset anyone’s apple cart or anyone’s job or mood. The balance even extended to make sure they didn’t upset the apple cart or job or mood of their friend’s friend or their friend’s friend’s friend.



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