‘Diva’ided we fall…………

The brahmin diva was upset. She just wasn’t being given enough importance. She dreamt of how she would ride up to important meetings where journalists would break an arm and a leg (of someone else of course) to jostle up to her and get a photograph of her. The rather large clip on television would have showed her as an animated proponent of great things. Instead people gave her the cold shoulder and didn’t make her feel good enough.

So she schemed and plotted. She drew up a master plan that she cleverly executed. Identifying people who were similarly miffed about being mistreated, she formed the ‘Mutual sympathy club’ that tut-tutted at all the injustices they perceived were directed towards them. She groveled before Sivarasan the terrorist, she begged and scrounged before the Ramayans and she even approached Greedier Be prostituting herself so that he would include her in the share of the policy pie.

She didn’t care two hoots about whether what she was doing was right or wrong as long as it gave her fame. The brahmin diva craved for fame as a cocaine addict would for a fix. Her worst nightmare was that she would go unrecognized and be a nobody. She woke up screaming when, for the umpteenth time, she dreamt that she had died unknown and unacknowledged.

So the bunch of them decided to have a meeting. At the meeting, they all gave in their expert comments. They were the clever ‘leaders’ of the land.

Outside the meeting room, was a strange noise. It was the noise of a people screaming. Some tore their hair, some wailed, some beat their breasts. Mothers cried for their children to be saved, fathers looked on in helpless pain, children watched mostly as silent spectators – because they had learnt over the years to watch in mute reproach. Their reproach was lost on all ears……………………Some children cried………

Dr. Greedier Be walked up to the window and shut it. His goals were clear. His years of training as ‘future faculty of Public Health for India – Why? (PHFI –W?) had strengthened his ignorance through a combination of  ego-boosting and training to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye. In spite of the window being shut, the groaning could be heard outside the window. The brahmin diva delicately cleared her throat and looked around. She began to speak…………… People seemed to be listening to her attentively. She felt happy……………. Somewhat………

If only that stupid groaning outside would stop……………..


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