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On my way back home I boarded a long distance bus. The woman beside me was fat and mumbling to herself, occasionally drawing in her husband into her muttering. Just ahead of us, on a perpendicular seat a couple sat down. They were bidding farewell to two young boys who I later learnt were their... Continue Reading →


Arundhati Roy speaks out against Indian rape culture

Arundhati Roy speaks out against Indian rape culture The writer Arundhati Roy tells Channel 4 News she believes rape is used as a weapon in India and that women in the country are "paying the price". http://www.channel4.com/news/arundhati-roy-speaks-out-against-indian-rape-culture

Rape As Weapon of Domination: The Clout of Caste And Class in India By Ershad Abubacker

Rape As Weapon of Domination: The Clout of Caste And Class in India By Ershad Abubacker 27 December, 2012 Countercurrents.org More often than not, Arundhati Roy speaks unwelcome truths, truths that essentially do not go down well with the elite class. And hence she always gets dubbed as outspoken and is being criticized for that.... Continue Reading →

Government health insurance schemes have made life more difficult for the rural poor, finds Aparna Pallavi

Insurance becomes a hurdle Author(s): Aparna Pallavi Date: Sep 19, 2012 Sexagenarian Mohammad Shabbir, a resident of Kondapur village in Andhra Pradesh's Medak district, is always wary of visitors. “Your Arogyashri people are playing tricks on me,” he tells me, his voice sounding anxious. “They first asked for Rs 2,000, and when I sent it,... Continue Reading →

Universal health coverage is the way forward …………..for private hospitals and insurers

  Dr. Devi Shetty now wants to universalize health coverage through insurance?  A few facts based on research, for your reference. ·        Health insurance ensures public funds goes directly into the pockets of private insurance agencies and private hospitals. The FDI directly paves the way for these market players who want your money not your... Continue Reading →

Policy making provides a recipe for structural hegemony

The health section of the 12th five year plan is irrefutable proof of the structural hegemony within the country. It shows unequivocally that Indians do not intrinsically believe in equality. We honestly believe that one group of people are different from another, that resources CANNOT be shared equally, and that one group must give up... Continue Reading →

On the wisdom of choosing one’s friends………

The Elito Front Circle (eLfC) was the think tank for public health in the country comprising some academicians, researchers and doctors. Many of them had completed or were pursuing higher qualifications to become  ‘I’ specialists. Naturally these people focused on their own specialization so the talk invariably went on to ‘I” did this, “I’ said... Continue Reading →

Paediatric HIV – trends & challenges

Paediatric HIV - trends & challenges S.N. Mothi*, S. Karpagam**, V.H.T. Swamy+, M. Lala Mamatha++ & S.M. Sarvode† *Asha Kirana Hospital, Mysore, YRG CARE, Chennai, JSS University, Mysore, **Asha Kirana Charitable Trust, Mysore, +Asha Kirana Hospital, Mysore, ++Committed Communities Development Trust/MSF/SHED; Wadia Group of Hospitals, Mumbai & †Asha Kirana Hospital, Mysore, India With the availability... Continue Reading →

Adolescents Living with HIV in India – The Clock is Ticking.

Adolescents Living with HIV in India - The Clock is Ticking. Indian J Pediatr. 2012 Nov 13. Mothi SN, Swamy VH, Lala MM, Karpagam S, Gangakhedkar RR. Source Department of Pediatrics, Asha Kirana Charitable Trust, CA1, Hebbal Industrial Area, Mysore, Karnataka, 570016, India, sakie339@hotmail.com. Abstract The term "Adolescence" literally means "to emerge" or "to attain... Continue Reading →

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