Institute of Private Health I******** (IPHI)

Institute of Private Health I******** (IPHI)

The humble Dr. Sevasadan was summoned one day by Dr. Sivarasan. Although Dr. Sevasadan privately criticized Dr. Sivarasan’s terrorist like strategies, in public, he groveled before him. This helped him get several benefits from the state government – funds, permissions etc. In fact the state government even offered Dr. Sevasadan office space in the garbage dump situated in their backyard. Dr. Sevasadan refused because one particularly busty office staff of his had whimpered about the distance she had to travel to get to the office. This would reduce the few minutes of time that she spent at the office to practically zero. Hence a collective and democratic decision was made by Dr. Sevasadan to ‘dump’ the idea of the garbage dump.

Instead he decided to bring out a book that would guide governments on how to ruin the state. He felt that a government that was informed would do a much better job at destroying people’s lives than one that did it ‘by the way’. He brought in several of his colleagues who agreed with his idea. Those who didn’t agree didn’t work at his office anyway.

Together they wrote a book. The book was basically about promoting Health I******** without actually saying so. The book meandered through a variety of unrelated definitions, expectations and statistics which had absolutely no connection with what IPHI was trying to promote. Then they brought together about 3 (which they cleverly called more than 2!!) people from the state government. These people were called ‘policy makers’ to make them look fancy. The book was then elaborately released to the two ‘policy makers’ while the IPHI staff cheered wildly – an event which was covered by not less than one photographer, who got it published in not less than one newspaper.

Using this mileage, IPHI went to work on overdrive – sharing their release with all and sundry.

This book is an example of 46 pages of sheer garbage cleverly foisted on unsuspecting policy makers. The donors supporting this book were happy – their mission and stated objective being anyway “To promote health I******** in all developing countries by hook or by crook, by supporting sub-standard research with predetermined outcomes.” Already they had funded studies in several other countries and even published making it appear that several countries had brought out surprisingly similar data. Nobody mentioned conflict of interest……..


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