Sitting on the fence……

The Ramayans were a highly influential couple in public health. Between them, they managed to present an image of having high national and international influence. They had a sprawling mansion located in a prime part of the country and frequently jet-setted. Meetings were incomplete without them, decisions left pending and a large looming vacuum documented in their absence.

Around their sprawling mansion was a well manicured garden boasting niceties from different parts of the world. Around this garden was a well wrought iron fence. The Ramayans loved sitting on this fence. They found this position to give them a vantage point of view. On the one hand, was their well manicured garden.On the other hand,it offered a strategic bird’s eye view of the slums surrounding their mansion. Sitting on the fence, they could readily point to the tragic circumstances of the world around them.

The Ramayans strongly believed that one could not be a cosily ensconsed  arm-chair activist. They felt that national and international travel was a dire necessity if one had to address the problems of the world.Unfortunately, the possibility of them visiting lowly remote villages of their country was effectively hindered by the absence of transport such as aeroplanes. Several years ago, they had made a solemn promise to each other that every village that developed an airbase, would receive a visit from them. The government unfortunately hadn’t worked on this important route of transport (Yet!!).

Still, they lived in a constant state of hope………………


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