Y Y, Y not X


I get asked stupid questions

I mean




Question: Why do you complain?

About X being bad

When Y is also bad

Answer: DUH? Because X is bad

And it is bad no matter if Y is bad or good!!

Question:  So why don’t you talk about Y being bad

Answer: I do talk about Y being bad

Question: So why not lets focus on Y alone?

Answer: DUH coz X is bad, maybe badder

Question: But Y is bad isn’t it?

Answer: Yes it is. But X is bad too

Question: But if Y is bad, why focus on X

Answer: (Really I want to tell him to go hang himself but I refrain). Dude, X is bad, Y is bad. Why you ignoring X and focusing on Y?

Because you belong to the X group right?
And you rather point fingers at all groups except yours.
You rather look outwards than in.

Let us work on X and Y. Can you do that?

You cant

Because changing X means changing your self

Means letting go of beliefs that you and your wife and your kids and your friends and your grandparents and your parents and their grandparents and their friends and their relatives and your relatives hold so dear to their hearts.

It means looking into your heart and your life and your community and feeling a deep deep deep sense of shame and guilt.

Now why on earth would you want to do that?

You would rather focus on Y wont you?

So typical, its no surprise at all

Wouldn’t it be great if you did surprise me?
And yourself?


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